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“Publish a Beautiful Blog Post Online in Seconds” is a simplistic, quick and easy way to make a web page, including with a graphic. Get your content online, speedily, without the need for hosting either. Here is a test page made in 28 seconds. (The image, to the left, is of Clive, our Web Wizard, and his dogs, as, whilst is a useful tool, it’s not going to put him out of a job!)

The service is free, and anonymous. They don’t ask for, now store, email addresses or any personal information.

There is no setup. Just write and hit save. It takes just seconds to publish your article and share it with the world. View their demo page with some amusing or, indeed, clever ideas.

The usual eSafety consideration would need to be made but, as there is no place for comments, interactions or communications, you need to moderate what goes out, and get your audience response in other ways.

Whilst this is not as advanced as a full blown blog post, or web page, and is limited in terms of design, methods of delivery and administration, this could have some positive aspects when speed is key maybe. Give it a .go

Aldar Academies Conference Day, Abu Dhabi

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Our first, of four days with the Aldar Academies in Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates. We started with a conference day for a vast amount of school staff, doing the first stage of what we love: an introduction to some of the huge range of possibilities available, freely, on the web.

We had a joyous, fast paced, day delving in to a deluge of digital delights. (We are going to go more analog over the next two days, with the children, before finishing in a whizzing whirr of wonders with staff on Tuesday. “Watch this space”. Continue Reading