Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi ~ Day 2

| April 27, 2014 | 1 Comment 

Our second day with Aldar Academies, in Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates, and well done, to everyone, for taking off and flying “big time”. Fun! …and learning. (Surely, not at the same time? Oh yes. Indeedy.)

After yesterday’s deluge of digital delights, we were decidedly analog, on many levels, today. A huge amount of respect to the children and staff, for wandering with us in the world of words, in such style.

A lesson not centred around the use of technology, but instead one using technology to inspire creativity, stimulate ideas and give learners the freedom and confidence to express themselves in a encouraging environment.

A sprinkling of similes, a handful of metaphors, and a multitude of other literary devices, used by the children, and adults, added detail to our writing and helped bring ideas to life. Once worlds had been created, we met some inhabitants from the area (some on screen and some on stage) and investigated who they were, what we knew about them, what we didn’t know, and what we wanted to find out.

Speaking and listening, thinking skills, problem solving, creative thinking, confidence building and… writing. All stimulated by the very simple use of “a different world”.

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  1. Oryx class says:

    Thank you for giving us a fun afternoon. Our favourite part was when we got to decide HOW to climb up the slide. The children were very engaged and they really enjoyed the lesson. It was good to see them all share their ideas and be keen to write! Thanks.

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