Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi ~ Day 3

| April 28, 2014 | 2 Comments 

Aldar Academies

Our third day with the Aldar Academies in Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates. Mr Walker, (the walking stick with magical properties, and mysterious holes, who had intriguingly disappeared at Heathrow Airport, instigating a brief airport wide search) began a session of unbridled imagination and creativity; the children here, whatever nationality, needed little encouragement to offer their thoughts to the whole class.

Neeeeed to writeWe used a variety of teaching strategies, around and beyond the audio/visual stimulus, which sat constantly in the background, providing the children with a continual enticement to the imaginative world, and yet something we almost ignored it, letting it attract our attention, making us neeeeeeeeeed to talk, and write, about it.

The reinforcement of elements such as “There are no right ideas, as, even better, there are no wrong ones”, seemed to reassure the children to make contributions in confidence. In a room of this scale, we “used our playground voices”: no room for timidity here! However, this excitement was always tempered and kept in check through the reinforcement of “knowing when to stop.” ~ personal development as people, as well as academics; building as individuals, experiencing self control and appropriate restraint which, valuable in the future, both in class, and outside of it.

Well done indeed, to all here today, for working together, a large number as one. Admirable.
Here’s a Thinglink of just one view of the school, and one short scene, with two superb young characters, and an old duffer of a translator: (Hover over the balcony on the Oasis, then click on the bird symbol for a short video clip)

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  1. Aisha Chaudry says:

    It was good seeing a practical lesson incorporating games based learning. I have learnt a lot today and been reminded of things I used to do in class and need to do again. I am also definitely going to try the no hands up policy in my lessons. Thank you for an enjoyable morning.

  2. Michelle Parkin says:

    Brilliant to see the teaching strategies in action. So many courses you go on you hear great things but to actually see the learning action took it to a whole new level. The writing the children produced from just standing still in Myst III was incredible

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