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AnswerGarden ~ A kind of Wordle for responses

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AnswerGarden, a kind of Wordle for responses. The more frequently an answer is given, the larger it is represented. Well worth investigating.

This free resource is a minimalistic feedback gatherer. Use it in the classroom as an educational, creative brainstorming tool. Embed it on your blog, as a poll.

Create a new AnswerGarden by submitting a question or statement. Embed the empty AnswerGarden on your blog or website, or “share” it. Visitors submit feedback filling in your AnswerGarden. These are then represented in your AnswerGarden in the form of a growing word cloud.

If you’re using AnswerGarden in the classroom, they recommend that you provide a password, so that you can moderate the contents during the session.

Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi ~ Day 4

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Aldar Academies

Our fourth, and final day (for this trip), at Aldar Academies in Abu dhabi, The United Arab Emerites… and, what a crucial day. So great to have got such valuable, positive, feedback…. but how are we going to take this further, and how is the school to continue to make sure that the impact is sustainable? Continue Reading