Kingsway Primary, Goole ~ Day 1

| June 4, 2014 | 16 Comments 

Kingsway Primary

Kingsway Primary SchoolGreat to be in Goole, East Riding, for a fast paced day alongside the staff of Kingsway Primary.

Kingsway Primary School is located near the centre of Goole, East Yorkshire and is close to the River Ouse. They currently have 412 pupils between the ages of 4 and 11 and also boast a 60 place nursery.

Joining us today are colleagues from schools in the area : Eastrington Primary, Snaith Primary, Rawcliffe Bridge Primary, Riverside School, Howden Juniors, Parkside Primary and Reedness Primary.

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

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  1. Jane says:

    so many ideas!
    my head is buzzing!

  2. Nick Thorp says:

    An absolutely fantastic, fun-packed day.. I have been INSPIRED and will be using lots of the suggested resources in class. Thank you!!

  3. Linda Cook says:

    Had a mind-blowing but fabulous day! Lots and lots and lots of great ideas and new ways to encourage children to take up their pencils and write! Can’t wait to update my skills using IT and use some of these special effects. Thank you, Linda

  4. McGrory-Hill says:

    Thank you for a splendid day! We are looking forward to encouraging the children to be inspired – we aim to keep calm and be spectacular!

  5. Paul Foster says:

    I have really enjoyed working with Tim and Sarah, Even though i wasn’t in their Training session, setting up the computers for them was a real pleasure!
    All the best for the future.
    Paul ( East Riding of Yorkshire Council Technician)

  6. Tim says:

    Hope you feel OK when you get the chance to try some things out Jane 😀

  7. Tim says:

    Thanks Nick
    Have fun actually using them too

  8. Tim says:

    Thank YOU Linda
    Enjoy whatever you explore

  9. Tim says:

    “Keep calm and be spectacular” Love it! Have fun

  10. Tim says:

    Thanks Paul
    Having you support was very much appreciated
    Hope you don’t get toooooo many nags (and requests to update Flash and Silverlight) as a result of today
    Thanks again
    Tim and Sarah

  11. Jenna Baldwin says:

    Absolutely fantastic day! I’m buzzing with all the fantastic idea’s and resources. Thank you so much Tim and Sarah!

  12. Tim says:

    Thank you Jenna
    Keep buzzing, and let us know what gets your children buzzing too
    Tim and Sarah

  13. Sally says:

    Wow! What an amazing day. Have already toured part of the panoramic virtual world and screen shot some of it using Gadwin. Have also employed my 11 year-old son to help me play the Myst games when they arrive. Feeling truly inspired and can see how so many of the programmes we have been shown today can fit into and enhance Talk 4 Writing. Think it may be a long night of playing!!! Thank you so much x

  14. Tim says:

    Thank you Sally
    Sounds like you’re going to have some fun (Do try and get some sleep)
    We’d love to hear how you get on…

  15. Kay says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah, the day ran beautifully and everyone was engrossed throughout. The feedback so far is excellent!!! I have actually downloaded Gadwin tonight, captured wonderful shots of the commonwealth sports and made a powerpoint where the children can ‘make notes/comments…etc in the slide show about what they have found out!! Impressed with myself! Can’t wait for morning, thank you so much from all at Kingsway (and friends) x

  16. Rebecca says:

    A brilliant day! I’ve come away with lots of ideas that I look forward to utilising in the classroom and have learnt how to use so many resources that I didn’t even know existed! Thank you Tim and Sarah.

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