Kingsway Primary, Goole ~ Day 2

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Kingsway Primary

Kingsway Primary SchoolA second day in Goole and doing some analog wandering in digital landscapes, with the children of Kingsway Primary.

Today, we took a group of more than sixty Key Stage Two children, and an afternoon with thirty Year Two voyagers, exploring some virtual worlds, as an inspiration for talk, drama, and SO much more.

When we’re travelling (or rather, standing still) in the virtual worlds we always hope that it looks like we’re making it up, & that there have been unexpected turns, not only in the way we travel, but also in the route that the lesson itself goes.

In reality, you couldn’t do lesson sessions, like the ones we did today, without knowing EXACTLY what you want to achieve. The aim is to make it look, and feel, and genuinely BE a shared learning journey. Instead of showing that you knew you were going to ask the children to do, it can be a simple, yet incredibly effective step, to pretend you have just made the challenge up yourself.

We explored everything from persuasive language and balanced arguments, through to taking off and flying with descriptive imaginations of what might lay beyond where we stood, in a mysterious, fantasy landscape.

Instead of letting on that you have a learning objective, already in the appropriate box (and written in bold, so that the inspector doesn’t miss it on your planning!) it can be an effective spur to action, can’t it, if we “suddenly make the idea up, on the spur of the moment” ;-D

And, it is not about the technology. You could do what we did today about a big book, an artefact, or even a blank piece of paper.

Thank you to Liam Jackson, headteacher, for inviting us to work alongside the children and colleagues today.

Thank you again to Liam for his thoughts:

Liam JacksonWhen we fell into the new Ofsted Category of “Requires Improvement” in September 2013, we decided to take a long hard look at ourselves and see what else we could do to truly inspire and motivate many of our children to want to learn.

One of my teachers, who had previously seen a presentation by Tim, basically said that she knew of a man who could do just that!

Tim, and Sarah’s work using ICT and computer games to improve children’s literacy and communicating skills, through games programs, and other resources, clearly could, for us, be a way forward to improve creative writing across the school.

I know our link HMI Ofsted Inspector is very pleased that we have been able to work with Tim, and sees this along with our work on Pie Corbett’s “Talk for Writing” as going hand in hand to be the missing links in school that could make all the difference to the ways in which our pupils learn.

More importantly, we know this time will make a real and lasting difference to all of the children at Kingsway Primary.

Liam Jackson ~ Headteacher

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  1. Sally says:

    Another fantastic day with some excellent ideas for how to practically inspire children using ICT. Really proud of all the Kingsway children that participated. They were fab! Many thanks x

  2. Nick says:

    Brill – A fantastic workshop, enjoyed by all. It has been a pleasure to have participated in such a fun and engaging learning journey. Thank you for inspiring us, developing our confidence to be brave and like the children – to just ‘have a go’!! BIG thumbs up!!

  3. Tim says:

    Thank you Sally
    We’ve had two great days
    The children ARE a credit to you all

  4. Tim says:

    Thanks Nick
    It has been great to have your input too
    Thanks for your thoughtful feedback
    Good luck on your next steps…

  5. Linda Cook says:

    The Year 2 children were really engaged throughout the entire afternoon and eager to contribute to all parts of the session- listening, talking, writing and acting out. Great to acknowledge their enthusiasm and this course has given us lots of different ideas of how to “tap in” to their imaginations. Thank you for such a stimulating and “inspiring” afternoon. x

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you Linda
    Your children were a joy to spend time with, and a credit to you all
    Enjoy whatever you try next

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