Make Beliefs Comix app

| June 13, 2014 | 2 Comments 

The, by now familiar, comic generator website “Make Beliefs Comix” has produced a free iPad app, which recreates the experience, but in a tablet environment.

Select your characters, their emotions, and speech bubbles, thought balloons, and the settings where your action takes place ~ hey presto! Your tale is on the way to being told.

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  1. Jackie Holmes says:

    Great day, I’m sure I’ve learnt loads need to go away play and digest! Thank you for making so interesting and mind blowing. I am going to use the Wordle web site as I think it will really inspire the children.

  2. burhan uddin says:

    had a fantastic day..a lot to take in and enjoy..excellent presentation from both of you..look forward to seeing again.. burhan

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