Newton-le-Willows Primary, St Helens ~ Day 1

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Newton-le-Willows Primary

Newton-Le-Willows Primary SchoolThe first of two days exploring alongside the voyagers of Newton-le-Willows Primary, St Helens. Tomorrow, is a day of digital delights with the staff.

Today, we went for some wanders in the world of words, in some intriguing virtual landscapes. There is no replacement for getting children outside, encountering the REAL. There are, however, a lot of elements you can develop in these digital terrains, that you can apply to more realistic experiences. Joining us today were colleagues from Garswood Primary, St John Vianney Catholic Primary Haringey,  Robins Lane Primary and Eaves Primary.

LandscapeOne of the most powerful uses of these magical landscapes, is the opportunity to model, and discuss, ways of coming back down from excitement, so that something else enjoyable can happen. Social eitiquette.

“If someone makes you laugh – great. If you don’t know when to stop laughing, -in other words, you just keep going, -the person who made you laugh is going to think “Uh Oh! I’m not doing that again, because last time they didn’t know when to stop” and slowly your life will get more… boring!”

Laughter“Laughter, talk, involvement, excitement… great! Just bring it down quickly, and then something else can happen, and your life will get even¬†more… exciting!”

Children do not want these experiences to be disturbed, and they almost “self police” the atmosphere, and a feeling of shared fascination, engagement, involvement & exploration seeps in to the room. And, today, remained.

There was lots of thoughtful laughter, and well controlled excitement today. Well done all at NPS. You were a great joy to spend time with. Responsive. Responsible. Funny… but also aware of the need for sensibly being “Up for it!”

Thank you, too, to Nicola Ryan, Literacy Co-ordinator, for inviting us to come and spend two days with the children, and staff, of Newton-le-Willows Primary, St Helens. This is not the first time we have worked alongside Nicola. Nor, hopefully, will it be the last. More tomorrow, with the staff…

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  1. Vicky Horrobin says:

    Wow! What a fantastic day. Personally I have learnt so many little tips to help improve my teaching, especially giving my class more time to respond to the questions I ask them.

    My Y5’s are still buzzing about the workshop this morning, I know they will enjoy trying out some of the ideas and techniques they have learnt in their writing.

    Thank you so much to both Tim and his glamorous assistant Sarah!


  2. Nicola Ryan says:

    Had the most fantastic day today working with Tim and Sarah, cluster schools from St Helens and our own staff at Newton. The children, as you can see from the look on their faces, loved every minute of it!!
    I’m itching to get back in the classroom and try out some of the ideas displayed today.
    Especially looking forward to tomorrow, working with new faces and getting even more fantastic ideas from Tim and Sarah …Bring it on!!

  3. Tim says:

    Thank you Nicola
    You have a right to be VERY proud of what your children did today. They were great to spend time. Thank you. We’re looking forward to tomorrow too…

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