Recce ~ Explore London in style

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Recce is a fast, beautiful, and fun way to explore London and everything that is going on in the immediate environment. It is available, for free, here through iTunes or Google Store.

A Super-fast, fully interactive and immersive 3D way to discover some fascinating aspects of the capital.

RecceRecce features built-in GPS and Compass functionality to locate yourself, quickly, but it is available both on-line and off-line, with rich and relevant information.

Recce choicesTake a quick tour and explore London’s finest landmarks, from the classics such as Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace & Big Ben to the modern additions such as The Shard, Gherkin, and Olympic Park. Explore areas known & unknown with fresh eyes.

Recce could be useful when planning, or taking part in, a trip to “the smoke”, or if studying a contrasting landscape. An intriguing experience of a different form of mapping. Fascinating.

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