‘Tools to tell a tale’ ~ Birmingham

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Tools to Tell a Tale Birmingham

Longing poignantlyAnother, joyous, gathering of Baldylocks and the Three Hairs. Together with Pie Corbett, and David Mitchell, we shared a day entitled Tools to tell a tale – Improving reading and writing through ICT at The Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

Tools to Tells a Tale, is an intriguing experience, bringing together the three bald blokes, for an exploration of story telling, on a global scale. Folks were part of an evolving story, alongside children from around the world, investigating a wondrous collection of digital, and analog, gems for bringing learning alive.

“Join us, as we travel across dangerous terrain, through swamp-infested landscapes, and to the top of crumbling towers, all through the power of inventive technologies”.

The chance to be a part of a live writing master-class, with children from Skye to Sydney, responding to this creative challenge.

An engaging, imaginative and exciting experience, for those joining the journey, aiming to leave everyone with copious practical ideas, approaches and technical tools to take back and use in their own teaching, with children of all ages, and abilities.

Gwen & IvanTogether, we…

  • discovered a vast range of ways to use ICT to enhance literacy
  • explored methods of engaging interest, and developing communication
  • were introduced to the power of blogging
  • experienced a Coveritlive collaborative writing session
  • investigated shared writing in conjunction with powerful, accessible, technology

We were all part of creating a story that roamed around the world, and was built upon by children across the globe (watch it here).

Through the day, among many other things, we investigated the power of blogging, and David shared ideas on the practicalities of setting up such a site:

Starting a blog although very simple, requires careful esafety considerations. Firstly, the platform you select is key. There are two platforms that I have direct experience of using and both of these are dedicated school blogging platforms with added safety features that you wouldn’t find on WordPress.com.

CreativeBlogs – Run by John Sutton. Their support centre is full of amazing resources from letters to send home to model policies.

PrimaryBlogger – An Automated service that will see you with a class blog in minutes. Their video tutorial guide page is a must to learn how to do the very basics.

David says: I wrote the following blogging policy as a model for others to use. You can download it from the frame, edit it, add your school logo and it’s ready to go.

Blogging Policy

Russell Scott Primary SchoolBrian Harkin (a teacher at Russell Scott Primary in Manchester) has written some handy downloadable web2.0 guides for Animoto, Coveritlive and Audioboo along with others. You can find these here.

Here’s a picture of the Y6 class at Russell Scott Primary School in Manchester busy with the Coveritlive. Their teacher is called Miss Quinn.

Today’s event was beautifully supported by The Roving Bookshop.

Tools to Tell a Tale Birmingham

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  1. Katie Lloyd says:

    Enjoying the course excellent ideas and ways to share whole school. Thank you

  2. Sobia Yousaf says:

    An inspiring day. Thank you.

  3. Fiona Thomas says:

    Thank you all for an inspirational, informative and fun day! Thoroughly enjoyed it and have plenty of books and ideas to take back already.

  4. Emma says:

    Thoroughly enjoying the course – can’t wait to get back to school and get blogging!

  5. Mike Down says:

    Feeling incredibly inspired by the day so far! Can’t wait to get back to the classroom and unleash Web 2.0 with a bit more confidence and awareness! Thanks to Tim, David and Pie and all those working behind the scenes!

  6. Megan Hill says:

    Cannot wait to get back to school and try out lots of these ideas! Thank you for such an inspiring day!

  7. Amy says:

    Fantastic day!! Lots of inspiring ideas to take back to the classroom!! Thank you!

  8. Laura Warren (aka Gwen) says:

    Fantastic and inspiring day! So many ideas and resources to take back to the classroom. Thanks to all involved.

  9. Scott Wellington says:

    Seen Pie and Tim before- once again, fab. First time with David-really inspiring. Thanks all.

  10. Chris Brown says:

    Absolutely amazing- so inspiring!! Looking forward to our upcoming INSET to share some of these ideas and experiences with the rest of our staff 🙂

  11. Sally says:

    This was an amazing day. Just so much information. Need to get to grips with it when I get back to school. I hope the children will help me!

  12. James Gentile says:

    What a great day. Inspiring and exciting.

  13. Jess says:

    Fantastic useful sessions today. Can not wait to take back to school and share with staff. Brilliant ideas for my topic next term on the wider/global community – thanks!

  14. Duncan Macdonald says:

    I am weak with the influx of ideas, resources and information. This is why I teach; to capture this feeling of incredible excitement and deliver it to my children. Thank you, so much.

  15. Jodi says:

    Great course, thanks very much.
    Please can the packet site be set to linear so we can read all comments?

  16. Laura says:

    Lots of great ideas-too many to take in!

  17. Cathy says:

    Loads of really useful and inspiring ideas that I need to go and have a better look at. Hopefully can uses to inspire my children.

  18. Sarah says:

    Of course! Done. Thank you

  19. Robert James says:

    Fantastic day – the delayed train journey was worth it! Many ideas to use and the blogging/ coveritlive session integrated all the modelling from Pie and stimulating ideas. Would be very useful to try between classes/ age groups and particularly for transition between Y 6 and 7. Secondary staff ought to have a day like this . Thanks to all.

  20. Nick Overton says:

    Thank you for a wonderful course. Very well presented with really charisma and energy. I will take so many of these fantastic resources back to my school and really hope this is the beginning of a whole school change. Thank you.

  21. Mary Walker says:

    inspired by today to look at blogs and even leave a message.
    thank you for such a thought provoking day.
    PS have you any hints to share as regards the fantastic powerpoints !!

  22. Jenny Marriott says:

    Thank you for an inspiring day, I feel motivated and excited about going back into school to share ideas and maybe start a blog. Super ideas and links to take away. 🙂

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