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Nottinghamshire Conference

A great, full on day, at The Nottingham Computing to Inspire Conference, Eastwood Hall, Mansfield Road, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, with opening and closing keynotes, and three workshops.

Liz Kitts, Education Improvement Consultant for the county, shared these thoughts:

NCC“Computing to Inspire”, the Nottinghamshire Education Improvement Service’s summer conference, was a great event for subject leaders to network, share good practice, gain inspiration, and ideas, for the teaching of computing, and the use of technology in primary schools.

The event built upon the good relationships the LA has developed with schools, involving delegates from subject leader networks, in planning the event. Suppliers, at the request of schools, provided an exhibition showcasing new technologies.

This year saw the introduction of the Nottinghamshire Computing Framework. This is an adaptation of the Nottinghamshire ICT Framework, updated to meet the requirements of the new curriculum. It is designed to give schools support in interpreting the programme of study whilst not having the restrictions of a scheme of work.

There was a vast range of workshops from local providers:

iPads EYRS KS1Joanne Bardgett shared how Annie Holgate Infant School uses iPads in both the EYFS and KS1 curriculum.

She shared her knowledge, experience and enthusiam of the apps that fit so well with children’s interests and curriculum subjects. There were some iPads and apps to trial to help us get hands-on!

AppsDr Craig Small, consultant educational psychologist, and Sam Whisker, HTML jedi-coder and industry expert, demonstrated how teachers and pupils can build their own web Apps for mobile devices using the Mobile Rockit platform.

This workshop gave absolute-beginner-HTML-coders live hands on experience using code to build, style and publish Web Apps.

Beyond a GameIn our workshop, “Beyond a game!” we aimed to build confidence and ideas on how to use virtual worlds and associated tools back in the classroom, inspiring speaking and listening, writing, and creativity in children of all ages and abilities. An investigation of how virtual worlds, with their stunning landscapes, peaceful characters and realistic challenges, can be used across subject areas, abilities and age ranges to deliver remarkable effects.

Primary ProgAndy Board, Headteacher of Tollerton Primary, and Clare Board, Computing Subject Leader of St Peter’s Church of England Junior School looked in to Primary Programming, exploring software and approaches to programming in the primary classroom, giving practical examples of programming in action in a primary school setting.

Coding for EveryoneMark Burrows, Head of Education at 2Simple, investigated Coding for everyone – the enthusiastic, the inquisitive and the slightly terrified, showing how the coding element of the computing curriculum can be taught across the primary school by teachers of all abilities, experiences and interest. So Simple!

Augmented RealityThomas Adby, Partake AR Ltd, Augmented Reality Education shared Virtual object investigation in 3D through Augmented Reality, demonstrating the app he has developed for the iPad and show how it can be used to enhance lessons and be used as a stimulus for creative writing, Design and Technology, exploring history and beyond …

the future is now.

Making Computing AccessibleKate Hudson, Valiant Technology, lead a session entitled Making the computing curriculum accessible & not scary, a hands-on workshop showing how the new Roamer provides a scaffolded approach to programming. Full of cross-curricular ideas that satisfy the requirements of the Computing Curriculum. A brilliant starting point to take back to school to reassure colleagues that they CAN do it.

KoDuAdam Newman, ICT Coordinator at Farmilo Primary School and Nursery School, gave colleagues a tour of the KoDu Game Design software and demonstrated how they can create a unit of work, showing what pupils can achieve and how this can link to the new computing curriculum. And it’s Free!

Self-review FrameworkChris Stott, Professional Officer for Nacce, looked at ‘School improvement with the Self-review Framework’, where the Framework has come from, who supports it and how it is a powerful tool for school improvement through the effective use of technology.

Notts FrameworkLiz Kitts, Nottinghamshire County Council Advisory Teacher for Computing/ICT, introduced the Nottinghamshire Computing Framework.

Thank you to Liz; Craig Wilkie who helped to plan and organise the conference; Lauren McGarry for providing admin support; and admin team manager Alison Fawley.

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  1. Naomi Burton says:

    Great start to an inspiring day…. Thanks for the ideas Tim!

  2. Tim Head says:

    Brilliant day. Love all the back to the future references. 1.21 giga what’s. Brilliant!
    Looking forwark to extending my PLN via Twitter.

  3. Pauline Middleton says:

    Great to meet you at last

  4. Jo W says:

    Wow! Fun and inspirational.

  5. Linda says:

    Fast paced and packed with practical ideas.
    Inspirational and fun start

  6. Antoni Mason says:

    A brilliant and well structed training and conference day! has a really bite to it, very much like Luis Suarez!!! (sorry had to get a fooball pun in somewhere!)

  7. Rachel H says:

    So inspiring, could listen to you all day! Thank you

  8. Hayley Johnson says:

    Fantastic day. So many super ideas. Feeling very inspired! Thank you.

  9. Hsharpe says:

    Tim Rylands is fantastic! Thank you for a great and very useful day with lots of information to take back to school! Thank You!

  10. Sue J says:

    Wow! What an amazingly inspiring. Thank you Tim and Sarah, we’re heading back to school with so much to talk about and share with our colleagues and children.

  11. Kath H says:

    Brilliant and informative day, just not enough time needs 2 day you certainly could inspire for much more than a day.Thank you

  12. Joanne Bardgett says:

    An amazing day, filled with new & inspiring ideas to take back into both the staff room & the classroom! Sharing is the best CPD!! Great to share your presentation space! Thank you

  13. Lisa TR says:

    From conference to school fayre and I should be getting ready to go out to the theatre but I’ve stolen five minutes to have a look around the website – couldn’t wait! Thanks for a great day – off to buy a certain game online!

  14. Tim says:

    Thank you Hayley
    We’d love to know what you try out first

  15. Tim says:

    Wow! Thank you You are very kind. Enjoy what you try out

  16. Tim says:

    Thank you for your kind words Sue
    I hope you colleagues share your enthusiasm
    All the best ~ Tim and Sarah

  17. Tim says:

    Thank you Kath
    We normally do two full days so maybe see if you can get us along for some sessions or find out if we are coming to schools near you

  18. Tim says:

    What a lovely expression ~ it was great to share a space with you sharing ideas ~ “There’s more”

  19. Tim says:

    Hi Lisa
    Sounds like you should be getting ready for the theatre ~ those gems, from today, will still be there when you come back ~ honest
    Have fun with the things you try

  20. Lin Best says:

    A brilliant day. So many ideas that I want to try!
    (Going now to dig out my copies of Myst!)

  21. Tim says:

    Thank you
    Let us know how you get on maybe…

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