Sollentuna, Sweden

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Back to it, and in superb Swedish style! A great trip to Sweden, and the first of three big days of working alongside a few hundred teachers, from across the country.

Today, we shared some magical ideas with teachers from Sollentuna, near Stockholm. Sollentuna Municipality (Sollentuna kommun) is a municipality in east central Sweden, and is part of the Stockholm urban area. So, two big groups of educators, from across the region, joined us at The Star Scandic Hotel, and what fun we had!

We are grateful to Anette Burmann for inviting us, and organising this superb day:

Anette BurmanI work at the management of schools in Sollentuna, Sweden and after listening to your lecture at the Cumberland hotel (Caperio) during the week of BETT, the management have discussed letting all the teachers in the schools of Sollentuna take part of your interesting lecture.

Sollentuna is a municipality near to Stockholm and we would like to ask you about the possibility of having you coming to Sollentuna lecturing one day on August 18? Since we have about 1,000 teachers, we imagine that we divide them into two.

Sollentuna Rollup goalsWe, in Sollentuna, believe that all students are entitled to the same education regardless of background and, therefore, we have, for some years now, equipped our teachers and students, each with a computer, 1: 1. After a few years of unstable connections and troubled computers, we are now proud to say that we actually use computers in teaching.

We have a great group of teachers who are constantly developing and analyzing their own learning while they teach. Now that all teachers have access to a computer in teaching, we want to be inspired by Tim and Sarah, to think wider, longer and larger. We want to broaden our horizons and be inspired to try new ways to bring the world into the classroom, to see opportunities and not obstacles, to do what we can do with new technology!

Anette Burman
Barn-och utbildningskontoret
Sollentuna kommun

Thank you, too, to Executive Director Daniel Broman, and all of the (nearly a thousand) folk who joined us today.

ARdragon1We looked at SO much, including Spicynodes, Chogger, Taggalaxy, Gadwin, Thinglink, Clevr,, Arounder, 360 Cities, Streetview, Photosynth, Streeview Stereographic, Nature Sound Map, Go Mix it, Ambient Mixer, Audacity, Garage band, Soundation, Dragon Dictation, Talk Typer, Nice translator, Ivona, From text to, Crazy Talk, Myst, EasyPrompter, Dear Esther, Jules Vernes Return To Mysterious Island, Epic Citadel, Thinking Dice, Ipiccy, Lunapic, Photofunia, Comic Life, Zooburst, String (the one with the dragon!),Pottery HD Lite, Idough, ColorSplash, PuppetPals, Wordle, Tagxedo, Snappy Words,, Greenscreening, Runkeeper, and more.

Thank you all.

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  1. Matilda says:

    Incredibly inspiring. I got alot of ideas from today’s lecture that I hope I will be able to use in my teaching. Thank you!

  2. Annika Wallroth says:

    Thank you for the most amazing and inspiring half-day in my entire 28-year teaching career! You were awesome! What a treat!

  3. Simon says:

    I came to give my wife Money for the parking. I stayed for the great and inspiring ideas!

  4. Maria Nyström says:

    Thanks for a great afternoon packed with useful and inspiring thoughts and ideas. What a great storyteller you are Tim!

  5. Margareta Liljequist says:

    Thank you for fantastic inspiration and storytelling today! I feel like I have been on a journey! This is why I became a teacher. I am going to use a lot of the tools and ideas in my Spanish and Swedish classes. “Shall we open the door?” Yes sir;)

  6. Wera says:

    Thank you for an inspiring afternoon! You gave me new ideas how to use tools I’ve used before,in a new way. You also gave me a lot of new ones. You helped me open the door, and I’ll never close it.

  7. Katarina Nordberg says:

    Thank you for an inspiring afternoon! A good laugh with some new ideas.

  8. Lena says:

    Thank you for a very inspiring afternoon! You showed us so many new things and so many new ways to use “old” things, I just wish I could try it all!

  9. Daniel Broman says:

    Thank you for a wonderfull day in Sollentuna. i hope we will meet you again! Tomorrow will be magicday in many schools :-). Daniel

  10. Cecilia says:

    Really inspiring to use the childrens interest
    in games and fantasy but in “freeze mode”.
    I hope I will be able to create lessons with

  11. Madelene says:

    Great talk! Inspiring talk, given me new ideas. Thanks.
    One thing that you showed us doesn’t work the app String, the website is not in function 🙁 Kan you help me?

    Reply – Thank you for your kind words. To use the StringAR app, download from the AppStore and then print out the image from this page. Hope that helps.

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