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Name coachWith the start of a new academic year (for many) comes the age old problem of remembering names. Before remembering comes pronouncing accurately

Our names are central to our unique identities, and saying them correctly is the first step in respecting, appreciating, and connecting with each other.

NameCoachName coach mic aims to solve a common problem: name mispronunciation, especially in important life settings.

NameCoach provides a simple and effective solution: users voice-record their names online so others can easily learn and remember how to say them. Perfectly.

Name coach get it rightUsing its free Student Name Directory, teachers share a unique link with their students that sends them to a dedicated page.  Students record their names and teachers can, more easily, learn and remember.

NameCoach works on both desktops (with a microphone), and mobile devices, for learning pronunciations on the go.

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