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edPuzzle ~ Make any video into an interactive experience

| September 9, 2014 | 0 Comments 

edPuzzle LogoA potentially very useful tool: edPuzzle enables the editing, and use of, interactive videos on on any subject

Add your voice and insert audio notes or record over a video with your familiar voice. Add questions through the video to give your students immediate feedback and track their understanding. Either use ready made content, or upload your own videos to EDpuzzle and make them perfect for your class.

Check where the students are struggling. Also, check their answers to your quizzes. Select only the interesting parts of long videos. Spark curiosity by asking open questions through the video

Unigine Crypt demo ~ immersive exploration

| September 9, 2014 | 0 Comments 

Crypt logoCryptUnigine Crypt is a WebGL Demo. This could be used as another step to explore in an Epic Citadel, Gothic, or medieval type of experience.

Useful as a stimulus for descriptive narrative, and so much more. Explore the crypt, the guttering candles, the last supper-like mural, intriguing statues and dark, mysterious atmosphere. Stand still, or survey the scene.

The graphics are very impressive (working best in Firefox, it seems) and engaging ~ wish we could go further…

Enter FULL SCREEN, press SPACE to pause the camera, ENTER (or RETURN) to switch to the next camera, and ESC to change settings.