ICT-based learning in education, Odense, Denmark

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Danish Ministry of EducationA Danish Ministry of Education Conference about ‘ICT-based learning’ in Odense, Denmark.

The conference is a part of the Ministry’s five research projects collaborating with some 30 schools which, within different aspects, are focusing on how to work with digital learning in primary schools. The research projects are part of a big strategy on ICT and digital learning in the Danish primary and secondary school sector, to which the Danish government has allocated funds between 2012 and 2017.

Together, we looked at different perspectives on practical and creative use of  ICT and media in education as an inspiration to the teachers and scientists participating in the research projects.

Thank you to Claus Berg, who, on behalf of UNI•C – National Agency for It and Learning – engaged us to contribute to today’s special event.

We were here in the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen, so bountiful stories unfolded.

We have always said that we don’t advocate using virtual worlds as an alternative to getting out and about in the analog landscapes around us. (Although, it is a lot safer and a lot less insurance than a school trip!!)

Myst 4 BubblesThere is no better experience than taking a group of children out into the world. Many schools, and some folk here today in Denmark, have told us, though, the experiences children have within the classroom settings we have been developing over our last few visits, (and the structured way these activities develop speaking and listening skills) have had a big effect on the way their classes take part in trips and camps.

Groups of children sharing ideas and solving problems collaboratively and creatively, using some of the skills they have acquired in their “virtual travels” ~stories, and fresh experiences, abound. “HCA” would have loved it, we were told.

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