Coleshill C of E Primary, Coleshill ~ Day 1

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Coleshill C of E Primary

Coleshill C of E PrimaryOur first of two days at Coleshill C of E Primary, Coleshill. Today, we took off on two explorations of digital worlds, one with upper Key Stage 2 children, and a brave excursion with Year 2 travellers ~ Superb analog responses to remarkable digital stimuli.

After a good deal of discussion, the children wrote spontaneously, producing work of a high quality full of vivid imagery. They were also encouraged to refine their spoken language & clarify their ideas. Despite the length of the session, they remained on task and enthusiastic throughout.

Thank you to Andy Kershaw, head teacher, and motivator, for sharing his reflections:

Andrew KershawThe interaction between the “presenter” and the “audience” is crucial. Tim was able to engage all of the children, and adults. within seconds of meeting, by creating an intriguing, and exciting, atmosphere.

The richness of the stimulus used (a virtual landscape), was full of visual delights, and sounds, which immersed the children and stimulated them to use their imagination.

Through his charismatic personality, Tim enabled all pupils to feel individually engaged with his ideas. The children, who were sat in groups, were so encouraged, they spoke, listened, and participated fully. They enjoyed his almost electric presence in the room. They were able, and keen, to usethe skills, which Tim had spoken about, to enhance their descriptive sentences and extend their understanding, and use, of this remarkable literacy.

Thank you, too, to Felicity Blundell, Year Six teacher, for her thoughts:

The experience of being able to interact with the program, from the point of view of “being one of the children”has been invaluable. It has enabled me to be part of their discussion, see their enthusiasm and share the high quality of writing based upon it. I can really see the potential of this, in my class room.

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  1. Teaching staff says:

    Really inspiring way to motivate children

  2. Sally Fagg says:

    Using ‘translatosaurus’ was a super way to encourage children to reword ideas. During the morning, I watched pupils’ language and confidence develop. This is certainly a strategy we’ll be using!

  3. Adele Muir says:

    Have been inspired to make exploring images a part of our writing lessons to encourage the children to be as imaginative as they want! Looking forward to seeing what they produce.

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