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futuremelogoA while back, it was surprising, and slightly spooky, to receive an email from Tim, …sent a year before.

It read simply “Hi there Tim. It works“!

Back To The Future may be a favourite films but, what the hoverboard, is this now?!

Visit FutureMe and work out the rest and how you could use it to remind yourself of events ahead, or in a creative way in lessons. We’ve road tested it (Took a year folks!) and have set up 2 more already. Wonder if we will still have the same email address in 2019? A message of encouragement from a past self might be just what is needed.

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  1. Tiffany Thorpe says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the two day course that you led at Coleshill Primary School. I know that everybody in the room went away feeling more confident and more inspired than we have before in terms of using digital software to enhance our teaching. Our minds were fit to burst with your wide range of hints, tips and recommendations.
    I can’t wait to test everything out with my class!

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