Goodleigh C of E Primary, Nr Barnstaple, Devon ~ Day 1

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Goodleigh Primary School

GoodleighAn INSET Day at Goodleigh C of E Primary School, Goodleigh, Barnstaple, the first of our two days working alongside the staff, and children, from across the school and neighbouring schools: Pathfield School, Shirwell Community Primary, Georgeham C of E Primary, Holywell C of England Primary, Ashleigh C of E Primary, St Helens C of E Primary Abbotstown, Pilton Infants, Bratton Fleming Community Prinary, West Down School, Ilfracombe Infants and Orchard Vale Community Primary.

Today, we got all digital, with the staff, with stunning views all around us.

We discussed how to integrate literature, texts and other media into the whole visual literacy field as a whole, and in to the use of games as a stimulus in particular. Links with the Hobbit and his home and how this relates to some of the doors we encounter in the Myst games, is one unit of work many people have been developing and sharing. Links with other texts are also possible, as is analysis of the texts within the games. Myst III has a few volumes of text that become available to you as you play. These are great to pick apart, emulate and mimic.

Myst IV also includes the opportunity of writing a journal on screen alongside “Snap shots” that you have taken during your travels.

Today, we discussed how useful a wireless or Bluetooth keyboard can be during lessons. Pass a keyboard round and encourage students to add to a text that you are generating, “LIVE” into the on screen journal. Develop, change, improve and adapt the text and then the finished result is available at any time to read again.

Thanks to Kate Grant, for sharing these thoughts:

Kate GrantGoodleigh C of E Primary is a small school in Barnstaple, North Devon, at the heart of the village of Goodleigh. We are a popular school and attract pupils from the village, but also a significant number of families travel from further afield. We love finding new ways to engage the children, and technology is moving so fast we want to move with it. Children come to school being able to use computers and handheld devices and we feel it is important that our teachers are able to use technology  in order to equip our children with the skills needed to make choices in their learning.

My view of technology changed when I heard Tim talking about using technology to communicate. I had just set up a class blog, inspired by David @deputymitchell Mitchell, in order to complement our creative, topic based curriculum. I have used some of Tim’s ideas with my own class, and this has added a further dimension to engagement across the curriculum, giving me confidence to use technology to underpin learning as, and when, appropriate.

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  1. Janine Cook says:

    Amazing, amazing,amazing……..
    Looking forward to digesting all of this and having some time to share with staff.

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks, guys. My brain is fried, but it’s been great to learn about so many ways I can enhance the learning in my class.

    I’m looking forward to ‘having a play’ with the various apps and programmes you’ve suggested.

    Thank you.

  3. Emma says:

    Thanks to Tim and Sarah for a fantastic day full of ideas, I’m really looking forward to trying them out in class.

  4. Laura says:

    Some great ideas. Thank you for an inspiring day!

  5. Clea says:

    Many thanks Tim and Sarah for so many inspirational ideas and thoughts. There is so much out there to try and to share with colleagues and children…I think the children will be teaching me lots this term!

  6. Kate says:

    Thank you for an inspirational day! So many new things to learn and use with the children! Can’t wait to get started!

  7. Claire says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah, you are truly inspirational. Your passion for learning is so powerful and you really do keep the children at the heart of all you do. Thank you.

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