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Kaizena logoThanks to Shireen for the nudge towards Kaizena, which she is going to use as a feedback tool with her students this year (especially for a writers workshop).

Kai·zen:A Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.
Save time while providing high quality feedback on student work.

Downsview Community Primary, Swanley ~ Day 2

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Downsview Community Primary

Downsview PrimaryGreat, to be back for a second day, and a day of INSET, at Downsview Community Primary School, Swanley, joined by colleagues from St Mary’s C of E VA Primary, Hextable Primary, West Kingsdown CE Primary, Amherst SchoolHigh Firs Primary, St Paul’s CEP School and Horizon Primary Academy.

A huge thank you again to Duncan Edwards, headteacher of Downsview Primary School for hosting today’s event.

Our digital days, working alongside teachers, all over the place, have become SO fast, and down~to~the~second FULL, that they are almost impossible to describe now. Things have grown, and developed, as elements have grown, and developed, in the world of the web, and the experiences gathered over the last few years, mean that a whole story has grown, and builds through the day.

Today, at pace, through building a progression to support the introduction of these ideas, we looked at inspiring, accessible tools and ideas, for raising the level of writing, speaking and listening, and creativity in children of all ages.

One aspect, had roots from a few years ago, (and the days when we were almost resident here in Kent) but, oh, how it’s grown: An exploration of virtual worlds, Web2.0 and visual literacy elements, and how they have had a huge impact on raising children’s confidence and collaboration, across the creative curriculum. The games based aspects remain crucial, and powerful, but it’s what they are accompanied by that takes it in different directions.

Using, and creating, relevant, engaging resources, to motivate, and enthuse, children of all ages and abilities.

A huge thank you to both of you for a brilliant two days at Downsview…I have already received several emails from HTs at the other local schools telling me how inspired the staff that attended are and how creative they’re feeling…all very positive and just what we wanted! Down to you guys, many thanks!

Duncan Edwards, Headteacher

EICE 2015: 26th ~ 27th February 2015, Manchester Central

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EICE_logo-web-600EICE ~ 26th – 27th February 2015, Manchester Central

Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition (EICE) is an annual event designed to help education professionals integrate innovation and technology into learning.

Now in its third year, EICE provides visitors with the chance to get hands-on with the latest learning technologies and receive specialist advice on how to boost achievement in their schools, colleges and universities.

The event, on 26th – 27th February 2015, at Manchester Central, combines an exhibition with a conference that includes free seminars and workshops, featuring contributions from a fantastic range of education experts.

New features for 2015 include:

·      the Tablet Village – powered by The Tablet Academy – with advice and inspiration on getting the most out of teaching with tablets

·      the SEN Hub, which will feature some of the latest products and solutions for those with special educational needs

·      An e-safety clinic, offering advice on how schools, colleges and universities deal with the safety of their students

For updates and free register visit and follow @EICEmanchester on Twitter

Quick Key ~ Multiple choice made easy

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Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 18.38.31 green_rabbit_logo-a9f5401e1a7f689dd029191003a05c80

The free version of QuickKey allows free unlimited instant mobile scanning and a simple quiz builder. No Internet is required to make, take, scan, or score a quiz.

Downsview Community Primary, Swanley ~ Day 1

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Downsview Community Primary

Downsview PrimaryDay of lessons, and training, at Downsview Community Primary School, Swanley, thanks to Duncan Edwards, Headteacher. We first met Duncan just before we visited Woodlands Junior School in 2009. Here, he thinks back, …and forward:

Duncan EdwardsOK, so let’s rewind to 2008 when I first met Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild. I was living a Headteacher’s existence elsewhere in the county of Kent…not only was I blown away by the passion for high quality teaching and learning, but I was also amazed at the wealth of technology that was effectively being used to inspire children and staff alike.

Technology has changed dramatically within the elapsed six year period since my first meeting with Tim. To be fair, in the world of technology, just one year is huge! However, the key principles of quality teaching and use of resources to engage and inspire children remain…

Downsview Community Primary School has been preparing for Tim and Sarah’s visit this week and we couldn’t wait! Joined by colleagues from six other local schools, known as the Swanley Collaboration, Tim lead two learning sessions with Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 pupils followed by a whole day of INSET training tomorrow.

Good schools evolve and progress and technology, an ever-evolving phenomenon, is a key ingredient and major driving force in education. Downsview and all of the schools within the collaboration want to raise standards and improve outcomes for children. We want pupils who are enthused, inspired and ready for the modern world.

We can’t predict what jobs will be on offer to our pupils in ten years’ time, but we can prepare them with a toolkit for future life. Using ‘ICT to Inspire’ is an exciting opportunity to enlighten minds and further develop creative, stimulating and motivational ideas to get the very best out of our pupils.

Our morning was spent alongside Year, 4, 5, and 6! An afternoon saw us exploring with a class of Year 2. What an UP FOR IT group of children the Downsview gang are. They know how to laugh, but, also, picked up how to, quickly, tone that down, to allow for deeper, considerate, thought. They responded, openly, even though there was a huge number of them, and a massive amount of teachers, too, to the concept of talking without putting their hands up, finding a right time, and a right way, to drip ideas in to a lesson, and cherish the ideas of others. These virtual worlds, are a fantastic setting to generate that talk, and, because they didn’t want the atmosphere to be disturbed, there was an element of self policing, picking up the thoughts of those around them, and developing their own contributions, to go past the initial, short contribution, or title of their thinking… extending, and developing naturally in to more extended contributions. Well done all.

The colleagues joining us today were from St Mary’s C of E VA Primary, Hextable Primary, West Kingsdown CE Primary, Amherst SchoolHigh Firs Primary, St Paul’s CEP School and Horizon Primary Academy.


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FlipQuizFLIPQUIZ enables free gameshow-like boards for educators. Simple creation of flip quizzes, as an end of day game, or revision tool. Far from complex but fun and useful, maybe. Give it a go.

West Thornton Teaching Alliance, Croydon

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WT Teaching Alliance

West Thornton Teaching AllianceOur second visit to Di Pumphrey’s school, West Thornton Primary Academy, this time to work with their WT Teaching Alliance and with Karen Dugan, Director of Teaching School. During our first visit we had the pleasure of spending time with the children of West Thornton – glorious, they know how to get involved!

Thank you to Di Pumphrey Head Teacher.

There’s always an @lternative

‘West Thornton Primary Academy is a school that has been on a curriculum evolution journey for the last 7-8 years. We set out in search of ‘creativity’ but somewhere along the road we realised the almost accidental bi-product of our changes was independent learning and that it was this element that was making our pupils so successful and engaged in their learning. ICT has played a key part in this and we have taken an integrated and flexible approach to it’s use that has enabled children to take a lead in their own learning and been inspired to blur the learning boundaries between home and school.

We were lucky to work with Tim when he visited our school last year and his ideas and approaches to using ICT to engage and inspire fitted perfectly with our philosophies. Best of all many of the programmes and apps he introduced us too were free ,or he showed us new ways of using well known resources most schools would have access to.

We were proud to be designated a National Teaching School this year and when we planned our training programme Tim was top of our list to ask to return and allow us to share his ideas  with other local schools.  Quite apart from the ICT, his approaches are just good pedagogy!

We have been really looking forward to hosting Tim and Sarah again and hope it will be part of a continued relationship with our teaching school’

Di Pumphrey, Headteacher

Have faithWTTA is a professional community committed to creating chances and choices for all who are travelling on the learning journey. They promote thinking, questioning and independent learning as key drivers for school improvement. They can work with schools to help them find their own solutions to their challenges as they strive for continual improvement.

Often schools have become disillusioned with working alone on the ‘more of the same’ approaches to tackle issues on their SIP. But if you do what you always do you’ll get what you’ve always got.

The Teaching School allows an opportunity to see another way in action and gives access to the best CPD

Other CPD on offer at their ‘@lternative Venue’ includes Hywel Roberts (You can try and make children behave or you can plan wonderfully creative, effective lessons in which children simply learn – despite themselves.), David Mitchell (on “Using Blogging as a Tool for Writing”), Alan Peat (on “Raising Narrative Writing Standards – The Whole School Approach”) and much more. Visit their CPD site HERE

WTTA believes there is always another way.

Three Cents

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Three cents

Three Cents is an iPhone application that allows users to quickly create polls and gather opinions, from anyone, as you don’t need the app to answer. Use private polls to get answers only from those you want to hear from.

AT & eSchools EdTechLIVE Conference, Exeter

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edtechlive banner

ATComputerslogoeschools-300dpi-blue-white-no-borderAT Computers, and eSchools, EdTechLIVE, Creative approaches to Education Technology Conference, Exeter at Sandy Park Conference Centre,

Thanks to Will Higgins of AT Computers Marketing and Events team, and Jon Coleman, of eSchools, for organising such a superb event.

David and TimWe shared a keynote with dear friend David Mitchell (@DeputyMitchell), and, between us, shared links, ideas, and tools, for encouraging creativity within our students, whatever age, whatever ability.

We took folk on a magical tour of inspirational tools to inspire the uninspired learner.

Real examples of transformational impact, ICT tools that have proven impact to excite and lift the eyebrows (as well as the writing hand) of even the most reluctant writer! Using freely available tools that can be used within 2 minutes in your classroom, take your pupils onto another level of creativity and enthusiasm for writing.

Whether you are from a primary school or a secondary school, EdTechLIVE events provide ICT professionals with a fantastic opportunity to experience the latest and best in Education Technology.

The conference is your chance to hear from some of the UK’s most respected and inspirational keynote speakers from the world of ICT. Our workshops are themed to help delegates to provide great content on a range of EdTech topics, and an unmissable CPD opportunity.

We believe in learning from each other and there are opportunities to meet and network with colleagues from other schools. Delegates will also get the opportunity to hear what ICT initiatives are having a whole school impact in schools in their local area.

The exhibition zone gives delegates the chance to see the latest products and services that are available to schools today.

splashscreen8anoelfWe also mentioned @JoeMoretti’s The Adventure Creator Create interactive Graphic and Text adventures on your iPad with TAC and share them! (newly submitted to the app store, when its released it will be posted at the link above). The Comprehensive Guide to Computing in the Classroom on iPad link is here, where you can also find a link to a one day training course on programming with iPad on 3rd Nov 2014.
mzl.wshnnbzq.175x175-75A big THANK YOU to Thomas Adby from Partake AR Ltd, Augmented Reality Education for creating AR logos for us today,  3D through Augmented Reality. The app he has developed for the iPad can be used to enhance lessons and be used as a stimulus for creative writing, Design and Technology, exploring history and beyond …

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HaikuHaikuLearning is an increasingly popular opportunity to sort out classroom organisation

A cloud based site enabling content sharing, feedback and much more.

In a similar vein to Edmodo, Haiku is a Learning Management tool that provides useful elements for many classrooms

If you’re a teacher, you can use Haiku for free. Their solo teacher plan includes 5 classes with up to 2GB of storage.

Online Conference for European eTwinning Ambassadors

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eTwamb14 TR n DragonToday, we lead an Online Conference for European eTwinning Ambassadors. Using the Webex platform, we were joined by folk from a big range of countries, and explored some online tools which could be used to inspire children of many nationalities, ages and abilities.

Thank you to Irene Pateraki, Hellenic NSS for eTwinning for organising our involvement:

The members of the Creative Classroom eTwinning Group still remember your “expert talk” entitled “An A to Z of ICT” you organized for us in 2012. Some of the members are now eTwinning ambassadors, experienced eTwinning teachers who organize seminars and offer support to their colleagues. This year, we’re organizing an online conference for the eTwinning ambassadors in Europe and the ambassadors proposed the topics and the experts. Up for it??!

Alien etwambOur session, this time, was called “Out of This World ~ tech to inspire”, an exploration of newly created worlds of wonder and ways to inspire children of all ages and abilities, Web 2.0 tools to engage and motivate

An eTwinning Ambassador is someone who shares their passion for eTwinning with others – Ambassadors speak positively of eTwinning and advocate membership of the (currently) 200,000-strong eTwinning community.

Switch EtwambAmbassadors – share a passion for eTwinning. Many eTwinning countries have seen the development of Ambassador networks. For more information, visit or

Thanks too, to Anne Gilleran, Senior Adviser, & Pedagogical Manager eTwinning, EUN partnership AISBL

Here are some of the things we explored together: (Some of these things won’t work on iPads, but we did a couple that only work on iPads to make up for it),, Arounder, 360 cities, Streetview Stereographic, Nature Sound Map, Go Mix It, Ambient Mixer,

Ivona, Fromtexttospeech, Nice Translator, SwitcherooZoo, Zooburst, Padlet, The Dragon and The Alien using StringAR

The Padlet that folk added some ideas to, can be found HERE