Tools to Tell a Tale, Dillington House, Somerset

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TTTAT Somerset

InFinity LiteracyIn-finity Literacy Limited hosted “Tools to Tell a Tale – Improving reading and writing through ICT” with us,  Pie Corbett and David Mitchell at Dillington House.

This one-day conference was about injecting creativity back into classrooms, mixing digital methods with traditional writing strategies, and providing a host of practical and simple ideas for literacy lessons and beyond. The day featured:

  • a vast range of ways to use ICT to enhance literacy
  • methods of engaging interest and developing communication
  • the power of blogging
  • a ‘Coveritlive’ collaborative writing session
  • shared writing in conjunction with powerful, accessible, technology
  • creating a story that travels around the world and is built upon by children across the globe.



A big Thank You to Maria Richards, Literacy Consultant/Trainer & Talk for Writing Primary Adviser, for organising this joyous event

We demonstrated the use of imaginative techniques and inventive tools, whilst interacting with pupils from around the globe as we “set the tale, developed the plot, enhanced the drama and inspired the world in just six hours”.

“This one-day workshop aimed to inject the creativity back into classrooms, mixing digital methods with traditional writing strategies, and provided delegates with a host of practical and simple ideas to apply in their literacy lessons”.

Our friends today know how to get to a hidden bit, of this blog, which has every link the three chrome domes shared with them.

Tools to Tells a Tale, is an intriguing experience, bringing together the three bald blokes, for an exploration of story telling, on a global scale. Folks were part of an evolving story, alongside children from around the world, investigating a wondrous collection of digital, and analog, gems for bringing learning alive

Folks joined us, as we travelled across dangerous terrain, through swamp-infested landscapes, and to the top of crumbling towers, all through the power of inventive technologies”.

David Tim PieThe chance to be a part of a live writing master-class, with children from Skye to Sydney, responding to this creative challenge.

An engaging, imaginative and exciting experience, for those joining the journey, aiming to leave everyone with copious practical ideas, approaches and technical tools to take back and use in their own teaching, with children of all ages, and abilities.

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  1. Maria Richards says:

    What a truly fantastic day! Totally inspiring and a joy to organise and attend. Let’s do it again!!

  2. Tim says:

    Thank YOU Maria and Well done ~ again… Go For It!

  3. Jackie says:

    Fantastic inspiring day! This from someone who has never commented on a blog before!!

  4. Toni Barnes says:

    Fantastic inspirational day! Now have a twitter account and have been playing with epic citadel ( although my daughter got her hands on it and I’ve had to wait until she went to bed!) Will pull myself into 2014 and start tweeting and blogging by the weekend.,

  5. Chris Partridge says:

    A fantastic day! Inspiring and full of useful ideas and resources. Great to be surrounded by likeminded people and looking forward to some collaboration with local schools on some new projects!

  6. Jo Thyer says:

    Thank you for a very inspiring day. I can’t wait to share all this with the my class and we WILL be sharing our creative genius on our own blog very soon. So keep an eye out for links on @ebfsclass3. How exciting!

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