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The National Archives

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logo.gifNational ArchiveThe National Archive‘s website you can view complete public information films from 1945 -2006 ~public information films that cover some fasinating events from Britain’s post-war history. Many of the films have both historic and nostalgic value. Historically, they reflect the issues of the day; nostalgically, everyone has a favourite.

Abingdon Primary School, Middlesbrough ~ Day 1

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Abingdon Primary

abingdon-primaryA day of lessons, and thinking through the outcomes, at Abingdon Primary School. The morning with KS2, their teachers and visiting colleagues and the afternoon with KS1.

Today, we remained analog, within, and in front of, a digital landscape as an inspiration. Games aren’t used in the standard sense, in other words, we don’t “go here, and go there. We stand still within these worlds, contemplating, considering, and recording our thoughts, before even thinking about “going” somewhere else. Continue Reading