Abingdon Primary School, Middlesbrough ~ Day 1

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Abingdon Primary

abingdon-primaryA day of lessons, and thinking through the outcomes, at Abingdon Primary School. The morning with KS2, their teachers and visiting colleagues and the afternoon with KS1.

Today, we remained analog, within, and in front of, a digital landscape as an inspiration. Games aren’t used in the standard sense, in other words, we don’t “go here, and go there. We stand still within these worlds, contemplating, considering, and recording our thoughts, before even thinking about “going” somewhere else.

Thank you to headteacher Andrea Williams, and Adam Cooper, Deputy Head Teacher, for these two days.

Using Padlet

Reflecting on the lessonA powerful part of our ‘lessons days’ is the opportunity to pick part with the teachers what happened during the lessons. A useful tool that can support this process is padlet.com, and this group illustrated this beautifully.

Thanks to Adam, for sharing these thoughts:

Abingdon Primary School is an exciting place to learn.  We have a fun, real and relevant curriculum and every child is expected to challenge themselves to fulfil their potential with the support, guidance and nurture of a fabulous teaching staff.  Motivating and inspiring even the most reluctant/passive learners, is a barrier that we  tackle head on, in inventive, and imaginative ways.  We have asked Tim and Sarah to come along to our school to help us use, utilise and embrace technology to further inspire our writers through the use of games, apps and media.

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