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DmrLogo1Here’s a BIG one! is a remarkable twist on, and combination of, some key tools. Log-in to create free public and private maps on any topic! Superb.

DebategraphA collaborative gem,, is a powerful tool, combining the visualisation of arguments, and collaboration on editing. Interact between teacher and student, or a group of students. If you’re not blessed to be in one space, at the same time, this could enable distance learning or joint working.

URLs are made for each stage of the graph so it is possible to head to a particular point in your presentation. A side bar adds extra details to what you are conveying. A living, stretchable, malleable persuasive presenter.

It is vital to allow some time for this jewel, and explore its power, possibilities and potential.

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  1. Georgina says:

    A great day today Tim and Sarah, my head is buzzing, but a lot to think about. Looking forward to seeing you in action tomorrow.

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