Long Sutton Primary, Lincolnshire ~ Day 2

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Long Sutton Primary

Long Sutton PrimaryFollowing yesterday’s fun day with the staff, and their visiting colleagues from over 20 schools, today we have the pleasure of spending time with the children of Long Sutton Primary. Starting the day with two classes of confident, capable Y5’s in the morning and then a delightful bunch of adventurous Y2 pupils in the afternoon.

The images on the screen are a window, or a doorway, not into a computer game or a world created by another’s imagination, but into the creative palaces of the pupils’ minds. This is not a puzzle solution with one right answer, or merely an entertaining experience akin to a film where one journeys through the mind of a director, it is a tool for opening the child’s mind, expanding his/her own horizons. The ship may be inhabited by cannibals, it may be pirates, it may be demons; the sea may be acid, or milk, or ink; it’s whatever the class, and the individuals within that class, want it to be. The Long Sutton crew journeyed with us, in style, a reflection of some of the great things the staff do alongside the children already. Well done all.

Thanks again to Bill Lord, headteacher of Long Sutton Primary, for inviting us for our first trip to Lincolnshire.

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