Reflections of a chair of governors

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Thank you to Chris Wesley, chair of governors at Long Sutton Community Primary School, for these thoughtful words:

Good morning Tim and Sarah,

I am writing to express my sincerest thanks to you both for your brilliant, inspiring work here at Long Sutton Community Primary School for the past two days.

Chris and BillAs Chair of Governors, when our Head Mr Bill Lord Initially floated the idea for your visit, I was, at first a little sceptical about the benefits that such training would bring to our school weighted against the costs involved.

Bill suggested that I should visit your website and follow you on twitter to help with making an informed decision.

I did both of those and did some further research and agreed to support inviting you to visit us at Long Sutton and deliver your training seminar to School.

I attended on Monday 6th October still with some trepidation in my heart with the nagging question of the decision to spend what is not an insignificant amount of money (but even knowing we had recuperated costs.) was still wary.

Sat in a room full of teachers is always a bit daunting even for a seasoned Governor such as myself.

I was so amazed by how quickly your audience were focused, joining in and were like sponges soaking up the information you and Sarah were sending out. I too found myself taking copious notes and trying to work out how I could use the resources you revealed in my own working environment.

The one thing that stuck with me from the day was that It is as you eluded to not on it’s own the answer to the 60 million dollar question but a chest that when opened provokes you to spread your horizons and seek tools and resources to use.

I called into School on Tuesday afternoon to watch and join in your session with the yr1 children. I was again blown away by the interaction between both you, Sarah, the Teachers and especially the children. I saw some truly amazing stuff.

I can say without reservation that it was worth every single penny spent and that I would have supported it even if we had stood the entire cost. The outcomes far outweighed the investment.

It was without doubt the best presentation I have had the privilege to witness and be part of.

Kind regards,

Chris Wesley,

Chair of Governors,

Long Sutton Community Primary School.

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