Waterhall Primary, Milton Keynes ~ Day 2

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Waterhall Primary

Water Hall PrimaryOur second day at  Water Hall Primary in Milton Keynes. Back in the last days of August, we spent a fantastic, fast paced day, with the staff, exploring a plethora of web2 tools for use in lessons of all kinds. Now, we’re back, to work alongside the children too, Key Stage Two in the morning and Key Stage One in the afternoon.

Thank you to Tony Draper, Head Teacher and Becky McGuire, Assistant Head Teacher.

The light bulb moment, for the staff today, was the power of silence, and extended speaking and listening, developing ideas BEFORE they make their way to paper. We also talked about “going for the best, and maybe daring; getting it down, and sorting it out later”

On using a PC, to set up a game, we were greeted by this error message. A classic spolling. Spelling mistookes are also frustrating (as all of those gloriously observant folk who email me when they spot errors in these posts can tell you! Yes, Richard, I still mess things up!)

However, we often encourage children to challenge themselves to record their wonderful ideas “without worrying about your spellings”.

We clarify this by explaining that does not mean “Ah! Don’t worry about yer spellings!” e.g. cat, with a spelling of G.T.Y 32 D’s, 2F’s and a Q. It means “Don’t let the spelling worry, or concern, limit or restrict you, or stop you from using that word… get those beautiful, juicy, sparkling ideas down on paper for the world to share”.

Y2 pupils feedbackIt sometimes means we get some classic spellings, like this one of the word “Spiral”:

But we know what this child meant when they went on to describe what they thought was up the top of the “spiral escalator plant”… and it was beautifully descriptive too!

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