Biddisham Harvest Supper

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Biddisham Harvest Festival

TagGalaxy BiddishamA total honour ~ to be invited to contribute a couple of presentations, on the magic of ICT, to an event at our village hall, The Biddisham Harvest Supper.

Biddisham is a tiny, but incredibly sociable place, so it was great to meet up with neighbours, and friends, new and old, from this rural hamlet.

We shared a lot of free ways to use, and entertain, with some simple, but powerful, technology. We explored the village, and the surrounding countryside, and headed off in to some distant, intriguing worlds too. A bit of magic weaving, and storytelling. Some of the things we played with, can be found here.

Thank you to everyone, this evening, for coming with us in to familiar, and uncharted lands.

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