Rowlatts Hill Primary School, Leicester ~ Day 2

| October 14, 2014 | 1 Comment 

Rowlatts Hill Primary


Following yesterday’s INSET, our second day at Rowlatts Hill Primary and, this time, with the children joining us.

Journeys with journals. Verbal, and written, jazz. Off the cuff creativity galore. Speaking, listening, writing, inventing, playing and developing.

This is old style teaching: simile, metaphor, and much, much more. We wandered in the world of words in a couple of great, virtual, settings. Before we can develop sentence structure, and expand adventurous vocabulary, we have to expand children’s experiences, and passion for picking up words, and juggling them.

One of the early areas of Myst 4 Revelation is a truly remarkable stimulus for discussion, inventive writing, and beyond.

The true-to-life weather, with scudding clouds forming shadows that race across the boardwalk; the ability to touch and tap the railing you are leaning against, to investigate whether it is solid or hollow; the discarded flippers on a lower platform that spark a debate about who lives in a place like this…

Thank you to Jay Virk, Headteacher, her colleagues, and children, for a great day of laughter and learning.

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  1. Zoe Dawson says:

    Great to see the children as inspired as we were. The smiles on their faces when they were writing remind us all why we do this job.

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