Gosport Curriculum Innovation Conference, Hampshire

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Gosport Curriculum Innovation Conference

A workshop, and keynote, to open the Gosport Curriculum Innovation Conference at the Holiday Inn, Fareham, Hampshire.

GEIPThe Gosport Curriculum Innovation Group numbers 30 schools; 3 secondaries, 27 primary / junior / infant, holds an annual Conference which focuses on 2 aspects of their collaborative work for the coming year. This year it’s Writing and Assessment, and joining us today were colleagues from: Peel Common Infant, Peel Common Junior, Rowner Infant, Rowner Junior, Woodcot Primary, Bedenham Primary, Holbrook Primary, Gomer Infant, Gomer Junior, Newtown C of E Primary, Siskin Infant, Siskin Junior, St John’s C of E PrimaryElson Infant, Elson Junior, Brockhurst Infant, Alverstoke Infant, Alverstoke C of E Junior, Haselworth Primary, Leesland Infant, Leesland junior, Lee-on-the-Solent Infant, Lee-on-the-Solent Junior, Brune Park Secondary, St Mary’s Catholic Primary and Grange Infant.

Thank you to Celia Rich, Headteacher, Elson Junior School, for organising our involvement, and for these thoughts:

Thirty schools from all phases belong to the Gosport Curriculum Innovation Group. We are developing a curriculum to meet the needs our learners have vocalised in the following vision created by a representative group of Gosport Learners:

“I want to be well anchored – have the academic foundation, motivation, self confidence, ability to work alone or with others and have the positive attitude on which success in life depends. I want to have the sails to carry me – flexibility, curiosity, creativity and the resilience to learn from my mistakes, to take me beyond the horizon to places I have only dreamed of.
I am a Gosport Learner – where will my dreams take me?”

We share best practice at our half termly meetings, Our pupils also present their work and ideas too. for example we have heard from pupils from Year 1 to Year 9  about: Writing stimuli they have enjoyed from chocolate tasting, to dragon hunts and e-books. Reading schemes and approaches that have motivated them and improved their skills and love of reading. What is the best teacher feedback we can give to help them improve their learning? Our collaboration, enriches the experience of all; we are continually learning from both our students and each other.

Gosport is an exciting place to work and learn because of this mutual support and involvement of our pupils. Everyone GAINS together.

In another afternoon workshop,  Dame Reena Keeble looked at developing effective assessment systems

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  1. Jo Duff says:

    I started the day in a negative frame of mind, work, stress etc. I am leaving KNOWING that I have learned something that will have a positive impact on our students, and I am incredibly grateful for the inspiration – Thank you both so much.

  2. Christine says:

    Wow! can’t wait to go back to school and show everyone else what we learnt today. So much amazing free resources out there waiting to be used and explored. Thank you

  3. Gemma says:

    A truly inspiring day giving me a huge wealth of tools that I am excited to take back and explore with my class and staff. Thank you to Tim and Sarah for an engaging look at how ICT can be harnessed to stimulate and support creative writing.

  4. Caroline Wood says:

    I have been exploring all of the new and exciting resources we saw today: very uplifting day full of surprises. What an amazing time of innovation we live in!

  5. Lisa Willis says:

    A truly inspirational day. Can’t wait to try out one of these ideas with the children! A huge thank you

  6. Wendy Mitchell says:

    A wonderful day – really enjoyed it and with some many things to take away and use straight away. Need all my staff to come and see you!! Thank you so much!

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