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FlipQuizFLIPQUIZ enables free gameshow-like boards for educators. Simple creation of flip quizzes, as an end of day game, or revision tool. Far from complex but fun and useful, maybe. Give it a go.

West Thornton Teaching Alliance, Croydon

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WT Teaching Alliance

West Thornton Teaching AllianceOur second visit to Di Pumphrey’s school, West Thornton Primary Academy, this time to work with their WT Teaching Alliance and with Karen Dugan, Director of Teaching School. During our first visit we had the pleasure of spending time with the children of West Thornton – glorious, they know how to get involved!

Thank you to Di Pumphrey Head Teacher.

There’s always an @lternative

‘West Thornton Primary Academy is a school that has been on a curriculum evolution journey for the last 7-8 years. We set out in search of ‘creativity’ but somewhere along the road we realised the almost accidental bi-product of our changes was independent learning and that it was this element that was making our pupils so successful and engaged in their learning. ICT has played a key part in this and we have taken an integrated and flexible approach to it’s use that has enabled children to take a lead in their own learning and been inspired to blur the learning boundaries between home and school.

We were lucky to work with Tim when he visited our school last year and his ideas and approaches to using ICT to engage and inspire fitted perfectly with our philosophies. Best of all many of the programmes and apps he introduced us too were free ,or he showed us new ways of using well known resources most schools would have access to.

We were proud to be designated a National Teaching School this year and when we planned our training programme Tim was top of our list to ask to return and allow us to share his ideas  with other local schools.  Quite apart from the ICT, his approaches are just good pedagogy!

We have been really looking forward to hosting Tim and Sarah again and hope it will be part of a continued relationship with our teaching school’

Di Pumphrey, Headteacher

Have faithWTTA is a professional community committed to creating chances and choices for all who are travelling on the learning journey. They promote thinking, questioning and independent learning as key drivers for school improvement. They can work with schools to help them find their own solutions to their challenges as they strive for continual improvement.

Often schools have become disillusioned with working alone on the ‘more of the same’ approaches to tackle issues on their SIP. But if you do what you always do you’ll get what you’ve always got.

The Teaching School allows an opportunity to see another way in action and gives access to the best CPD

Other CPD on offer at their ‘@lternative Venue’ includes Hywel Roberts (You can try and make children behave or you can plan wonderfully creative, effective lessons in which children simply learn – despite themselves.), David Mitchell (on “Using Blogging as a Tool for Writing”), Alan Peat (on “Raising Narrative Writing Standards – The Whole School Approach”) and much more. Visit their CPD site HERE

WTTA believes there is always another way.