Downsview Community Primary, Swanley ~ Day 1

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Downsview Community Primary

Downsview PrimaryDay of lessons, and training, at Downsview Community Primary School, Swanley, thanks to Duncan Edwards, Headteacher. We first met Duncan just before we visited Woodlands Junior School in 2009. Here, he thinks back, …and forward:

Duncan EdwardsOK, so let’s rewind to 2008 when I first met Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild. I was living a Headteacher’s existence elsewhere in the county of Kent…not only was I blown away by the passion for high quality teaching and learning, but I was also amazed at the wealth of technology that was effectively being used to inspire children and staff alike.

Technology has changed dramatically within the elapsed six year period since my first meeting with Tim. To be fair, in the world of technology, just one year is huge! However, the key principles of quality teaching and use of resources to engage and inspire children remain…

Downsview Community Primary School has been preparing for Tim and Sarah’s visit this week and we couldn’t wait! Joined by colleagues from six other local schools, known as the Swanley Collaboration, Tim lead two learning sessions with Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 pupils followed by a whole day of INSET training tomorrow.

Good schools evolve and progress and technology, an ever-evolving phenomenon, is a key ingredient and major driving force in education. Downsview and all of the schools within the collaboration want to raise standards and improve outcomes for children. We want pupils who are enthused, inspired and ready for the modern world.

We can’t predict what jobs will be on offer to our pupils in ten years’ time, but we can prepare them with a toolkit for future life. Using ‘ICT to Inspire’ is an exciting opportunity to enlighten minds and further develop creative, stimulating and motivational ideas to get the very best out of our pupils.

Our morning was spent alongside Year, 4, 5, and 6! An afternoon saw us exploring with a class of Year 2. What an UP FOR IT group of children the Downsview gang are. They know how to laugh, but, also, picked up how to, quickly, tone that down, to allow for deeper, considerate, thought. They responded, openly, even though there was a huge number of them, and a massive amount of teachers, too, to the concept of talking without putting their hands up, finding a right time, and a right way, to drip ideas in to a lesson, and cherish the ideas of others. These virtual worlds, are a fantastic setting to generate that talk, and, because they didn’t want the atmosphere to be disturbed, there was an element of self policing, picking up the thoughts of those around them, and developing their own contributions, to go past the initial, short contribution, or title of their thinking… extending, and developing naturally in to more extended contributions. Well done all.

The colleagues joining us today were from St Mary’s C of E VA Primary, Hextable Primary, West Kingsdown CE Primary, Amherst SchoolHigh Firs Primary, St Paul’s CEP School and Horizon Primary Academy.

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