The Raglan Schools, Enfield ~ Day 2

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The Raglan Schools

The Raglan Schools, a Federation of Raglan Infant School and The Raglan Junior School.

Thank you to head teacher, Martin Kelsey, and the staff, yesterday, for coming with us on a whistle stop tour of a huge amount of digital delights, some old, some brand, spanking new, and for thinking about how they can be applied to bring learning alive, even more, across the curriculum.

As a Mac school, there were some great Apple~centric delights to explore too… … … …

Myst IVToday, alongside the children, we went on some wondrous wanderings in the world words. Who would’ve guessed, 12 years ago, that the simple ideas of using a computer game, and it’s remarkable, peaceful, beautiful experiences, to inspire children’s writing, would have such a long-lasting, widely spread effect. After all this time, that simple concept remains powerful. The idea has been developed even further than could have been imagined back then, by others, in their classes, and great heights have been reached.

Back then the original lessons took place, noone could have guessed the world of the web would take off in such a way too!  The simple starter, of using these experiences to motivate some incredible descriptive narrative, simile, metaphor, and flights of fantasy, is just that: a beginning.

Well done indeed, to the children today, who took off, and flew, putting their scribbly sticks paper, to record some stunning ideas.

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