“No Strings Attached!” Epsom, Surrey

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No Strings Attached

Babcock“No Strings Attached!” a Babcock Education Event at Epsom Downs Racecourse, Surrey. So, a fast paced canter, no, gallop, though just some of the digital delights available in this remarkable day and age.

  • Thinking of goiEpsom Downs Racecourseng mobile?
  • Which tablet/device should you use?
  • What about ‘Bring your own..’?
  • Can it be done safely?
  • Is it cost effective?
  • Will your WiFi cope?

Epsom Downs Racecourse is a great place to hold a ‘No Strings Attached!’ event: we let go of the reins and went for it!

‘No Strings Attached!’ is a platform agnostic, realistic look at mobile learning in our schools. It is a must for any school who has started or intends to start the journey towards mobile learning. Focusing on pupil learning and raising attainment this event explores the issues with internationally renowned speakers, a wide range of seminars and all the usual fun, games and prizes!

The day featured inspirational speakers: Miles Berry, Principal Lecturer, Computing Education, University of Roehampton; and Jeff Smith, Director IET Associates & Consultant to Brent Schools

Miles BerryMiles surveyed some of the history of technology in education, looking at lessons learned from earlier uses and considering the extent to which any technology may be seen as transformative. He provided a summary of some of the research into the use of iPads and other 1:1 devices, drawing out some of the key findings and exploring some of the questions which remain open. He concluded by linking the
 use of mobile technology to the new computing curriculum.

Thank you to Isobel Bartle-Tubbs Conference Producer, for organising our involvement today.

Finding our names linked so often with the iPad app Epic Citadel, it was a joy to head back there today. Here is a reminder, to those who may not have walked through the market, out on to the ramparts, and down to the tents by the river, that whilst you can explore, it is vital to stand still too.

Remember to take your time. Each location can bring alive so many different genres of writing, and more. But, you have to BE there. Take in the atmosphere outside the castle gate. Breath the sea air, and taste the ozone, from the bridge.

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  1. John M. says:

    Excellent afternoon session Tim and Sarah. About 7 years ago you inspired me to use games to get the kids to write. Yesterday revived my inspiration that you can achieve great things with the technology that is out there. At staff briefing my first 5 minutes will be taggalaxy.de. This afternoon will be getting the kids on runkeeper as part of a Maths exploration.

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