Geography IQ

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GeographyIQWhich country has the smallest land mass? Which has the youngest population? The GeographyIQ rankings pages rank countries and territories by more than 50 geographic, demographic, & economic criteria.

What is the capital of Belarus? What languages are spoken in Afghanistan? What time is it in Buenos Aires? How’s the weather in Taipei in May? Find the answers to these questions and many more. The world map helps you quickly navigate through the world atlas so that you can explore our world. To get started, click on a continent and then a country. You’ll find tons of useful information including:

  • Facts and figures about each country’s geography, demographics, economy, government and political system
  • Fascinating historical, cultural and political background information
  • Country maps and flags
  • Climate and weather information for major cities
  • Up-to-date foreign currency exchange rates
  • Current time and time zone information for major cities

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