Tenterden Rural Alliance Schools at Woodchurch CE Primary, Ashford, Kent ~ Day 1

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Woodchurch CE Primary

The first, of two days, working alongside the Tenterden Rural Alliance Schools. Today, at Woodchurch CE Primary, near Ashford, Kent. Our focus was on “Inspiring Writing. We set forth, on some daring adventures, in the world of words, our eyes firmly fixed on picking up those words, and juggling with them. Children, and staff, from across the Alliance, showed some great style in facing a big range of challenges. Well done all.

Again, well done all, for tackling the challenges we offered. Some imaginative, thoughtful and inspired thinking, talking, caring, sharing, inventing, creating, collaborating, building, developing, writing, laughing, experimenting… and SO much more.

The VillageThe morning with the KS2 pupils and their teaching staff and visiting colleagues from neighbouring schools, exploring the ‘hooks’, ‘nooks’ and ‘crannies’ that engage pupils in sharing their ideas with confidence and style. We explored a ‘Village’ setting in Myst 4: Revelation. Talk. speculation, sharing, thinking and taking ownership of this place, brought it from the virtual, into reality. Similes, and silences, enabled their ideas to flourish and take shape, forming images in our imaginations – gorgeous! We met characters, children up for tackling new ideas and risk-taking, found themselves becoming confident in their roles, expanding on fictional happenings with great detail and flare.

Edanna Spiral PlantOur afternoon, we adventured with KS1 pupils, and teachers, adventuring through their creations, notions and persuasions, as we wandered through caves, climbed trees and became intrepid explorers. The children in this group wondered, and enthused, about strange objects as we investigated Edanna, the helix plants and the birds inhabiting this beautiful world, talking and writing with passion and interest – WELL DONE. The children made suggestions and proposals regarding the origins and purpose of items found; they considered different ways to ascend the plants and what might be at the top… and then, we went and found out. Would YOU like to know?…

A ha! That would really be telling. Why not have a look yourself one day?

Thank you, to Headteacher, at Woodchurch, Rachael Harrington for sharing her thoughts:

Woodchurch CE PrimaryAt Woodchurch Church of England Primary School ‘we shine together in God’s light, learning, exploring and challenging to inspire our futures.’ Woodchurch CE Primary School’s vision is at the forefront as we continually strive to raise the levels of skills, attainment and enjoyment of writing for all our children.  We are a good school and so are all the other schools in the Tenterden Rural Alliance but we are always looking to further the Learning and Teaching in our collaboration.

Through the inspirational agenda for Tim Rylands’ day with our children, at our school and the staff training at Homewood School, I hope our teachers will learn, explore and be challenged. The staff within the collaboration are looking for new ways to motivate our children to achieve greatness in their writing without losing the enjoyment. Our children are e-natives in a 24/7 digital world and we have a wonderful opportunity to tap into the best global resources to enable them to learn in a way that is exciting and relevant to them.

I contacted Tim because I recently used Myst III in a lesson with my Year 4s and I was reminded of some amazing training we had with Tim previously.  I loved the way he used technology to inspire the children to write and be so creative.  I invited Tim to our collaboration to bring back the enjoyment of teaching and show the children that they can write and use their imagination, whilst giving the staff the tools to facilitate this.  I am hoping that the use of technology with Tim will really encourage them and staff and children alike will learn without realising it!

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  1. Chloe says:

    Lots of fab support that I will dip into for certain. I know they will inspire the children as much as it has me.

  2. Jenny says:

    All the staff and children had an inspirational, stunning day and left enthused to go write some more. Thank you to Tim and Sarah for down-to-earth, practical advice and suggestions that will keep us ticking for some time to come.

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