Extreme Planet Makeover

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Extreme Planet Makeover, whilst sounding like an idea for a Gok Wan programme, is, in fact, a fascinating investigation of what makes a planet work. Control the look, and habitability, of your own planet.

Planet1Each potentially habitable planet has a window of time during which it is possible for life to evolve. The planet must be old enough for the turbulence years of its formation to of passed, but not so old that all the water on the surface has sunken into the cooled off core. Because smaller planets cool off more quickly than larger ones, the window of opportunity for life to exist is quite a bit shorter than with larger planets. Investigate.

Planet 3Earth~like planets are the right size, and the right distance from its sun. This is the holy grail of planet hunting. Worlds like this have the right conditions to support life as we know it. A major goal of astronomers is to figure out how many planets like this might exist in the galaxy. Can you make one yourself?

Adjust the distance from a star, star type, size, & age of the planet, & find out how your globule compares to others.

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