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Did you Sir? Did you miss?

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| December 14, 2014 | 2 Comments 

MyHistromy histro logo enables students to put together videos, photographs, and blog entries on Google Earth and Google Maps, right there in any browser. Show what you’ve been up to, and the results of school projects, using the chronological time line. A free version is also available, on the app store.

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MediaioGoMixIt-logoFound a genuine use for today, converting the wondrous .ogg files from, when making ambient sound tracks, in the retelling of stories. Create your mp3s, WAVs or even back to oggs!

Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi ~ full on feedback

| December 14, 2014 | 0 Comments 

Aldar Academies December 2014

Great, to get news, and reports on successes, from work we have done in the past, with Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates.

Tagxedo in ArabicIt was lovely to get some superb feedback when we were last in Abu Dhabi, but we asked the question: “…how are we going to take this further, and how is the school to continue to make sure that the impact is sustainable?”

Aldar Academies aspires to be a leading educator that embraces technology to the benefit of all learners.

Aldar Academies aims to harness technology to ensure our students are resilient, reflective, creative and independent learners supported by empowered teachers and effective schools.

تطمح أكاديميّات الدّار بأن تكون المؤسّسة التّعليميّة الرّائدة الّتي تحتضن التّكنولوجيا وتسخّرها بما فيه مصلحة المتعلّمين.

تهدف أكاديميّات الدّار إلى إعداد طلّاب يتّسمون بالمرونة والاستقلاليّة والإبداع وذلك من خلال تسخيرالتّكنولوجيا مدعومة بمدرّسين أكفاء وبيئة مدرسيّة فعّالة.

Just a few ideas included:

We use Padlet regularly for homework. This week in maths I’ve asked the kids to make an instruction video for how to convert fractions to decimals with a calculator and post it on a Padlet.

Love thinglink to start topics and add learning.

At home LaurieKids loved 3d exploration of rainforest using google maps.

Also use a little thing I found on Tim’s site. The HAT! Love it. ~ Laurie

(Doing some of this via Skype, means we ended up with some diverse costumes whilst we communicated!)

I used 360 arounder, tagxedo, pixabay and more. I loved the way of story telling , how to encourage students in the lesson and having them excited. Thing link was wonderful to introduce my Arabic lesson in a interactive way. Kefah

We have set up a Winter Break padlet for the kids to upload photos of what they’re up to over the winter break. We can then use this for discussion when we get back in the new year.
We’re also having one to replace the homework book in term 2. The kids are planting their own seeds and using Padlet as a blog which they will update each week. It allows children to showcase their work to their peers and gives a little bit of competition.

We have used Scratch Jr. a lot in my class for creating characters and rebelling the story of The Gingerbread Man.

The children designed their own Gingerbread Man, Fox and setting. We discussed what they looked like and wrote character descriptions and then when we were retelling the story, they animated their interpretation and re-wrote the story. Kirsty

As an ICT team we decided to introduce some of the websites/tools during a staff meeting. We introduced Padlet, Tagxedo and Myst. We gave all the staff an iPad so that they could explore the tools as we spoke about them which was very successful and gave staff the confidence to try these tools in their lessons.

We have used Padlet throughout Al Mushrif. It has been used in classes, year groups and departments. It has been successful because it is easy to set up an account and easy to create a new Padlet. ~ Rose

Future Learn

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Future learnFuturelearn Enjoy free online courses from leading UK and international universities, with FutureLearn. Get in quick, and study a vast range of regular courses, on many subjects, some of which you may not have thought of.

AllCanCode ~ Run Marco

| December 10, 2014 | 0 Comments 

Run MarcoDesigned for 6 to 12 year old children, Run Marco, from AllCanCode, is an engaging adventure game, to teach coding.

Children guide the main character, of the game, through each level, by putting together instruction using a visual programming language.

The game is currently available on browsers (directly and through Chrome Web Store),  Google Play for Android tablets, Amazon Store for Android and Kindle tablets and Apple App Store for iPad.

The adventure game is translated in to 19 languages and features a rich storyline and levels which are designed to teach not only basic programming structures but also advanced computer science concepts.

The Digital Education Show Middle East, Dubai ~ Workshop Day

| December 10, 2014 | 15 Comments 

Beautiful People

Joyous… two, half day, post event workshops titled – Learning Without Frontiers for The Digital Education Show Middle East, in Dubai.

We had a practical, hands on, and hands off, time… exploring a range of digital delights, and the analog learning that flows through them. You had to be there… a group of sunshine~itself, contributive laughter, smiles, inventive, supportive, warmth~alive voyagers!

Digital Education Show Workshop Day

We shared our fantasy journeys with a group of intrepid explorers, and set off to distant lands, beyond even the huge range of places they joined us from. We stood still, and pondered, in beautiful, virtual territories, but also set off to discover those who lived beyond.Beautiful PeopleBeautiful People

Spreeder ~ “Improve Reading Speed & Comprehension”

| December 9, 2014 | 0 Comments 

Spreeder.comSpreeder logo7 is a free online speed reading software designed to improve your reading speed and comprehension. Press S to slow things down to a realistic challenge, or press the arrow keys for word-by-word progress. Get your “reluctant readers” racing the machine maybe.

The Digital Education Show Middle East, Dubai ~ Keynote

| December 9, 2014 | 1 Comment 

Digital Education Show ME

Dig Ed Middle EastAn honour to be invited to The Digital Education Show Middle East, at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

Today we shared a keynote speech entitled “Back To Their Future” – Leveraging the creative potential of technology to make learning FUN, & indomitable superheroes of everyone.


“Change the way you teach forever” – The Digital Education Show Middle East looks in detail at how leading education organizations – K12 and Higher Education institutes – can leverage technology to create truly personalised and relevant learning experiences

There were lots of new techniques being demonstrated, to equip the digital teacher engage, inspire and educate – make their students unstoppable

A big Thank You, and Well Done, to Conference Manager, Jessica Salawu; Experience Manager, Pragna Patel, and rest of the Terrapinn crew, for making this a great first.

Ewan McIntoshEric SheningerOther keynote speakers over the two day conference included our dear friend Ewan McIntosh – Rethinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age ~Rethinking the method and practice of teaching when using technology to enhance learning;  and Eric Sheninger – Opening Minds  to Embrace and effectively use technology in schools to engage Gen Z learners and inspire staff at all levels of digital engagement.

Sugata Mitra on Self Organised Learning Environments and a Revolutionary New Learning Landscape; and Mr Phil Redhead, Senior Advisor Digital Learning, GEMS Education – The secrets to unlocking transformation and normalising the digital learning process.

Mr Phil Redhead
Senior Advisor Digital Learning
GEMS Education

– See more at:

As a digital aside, click on the image below, to go to a HuUUUuUUge 45 giga pixel panorama of Dubai. Fascinating.


Digital Education Show ME

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BounceNotate, review, share and comment upon and discuss a web page, or image, with BounceApp. Take screen shots and annotate, then share. Potentially useful. ~ Get playing, in many styles

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justinguitar-logoThere are a lot of guitar sites out there, of variable quality. JustinGuitar contains lessons put across in a clear, concise, and friendly way, recommended by Mark Knopfler, Brian May and others.

Whatever your area of interest, from beginner, to blues, rock, folk, jazz, rhythm, and fingerpicking, and beyond. From novice to regular player, there’s something to learn. A big, and genuinely useful guide.