The Digital Education Show Middle East, Dubai ~ Workshop Day

| December 10, 2014 | 15 Comments 

Beautiful People

Joyous… two, half day, post event workshops titled – Learning Without Frontiers for The Digital Education Show Middle East, in Dubai.

We had a practical, hands on, and hands off, time… exploring a range of digital delights, and the analog learning that flows through them. You had to be there… a group of sunshine~itself, contributive laughter, smiles, inventive, supportive, warmth~alive voyagers!

Digital Education Show Workshop Day

We shared our fantasy journeys with a group of intrepid explorers, and set off to distant lands, beyond even the huge range of places they joined us from. We stood still, and pondered, in beautiful, virtual territories, but also set off to discover those who lived beyond.Beautiful PeopleBeautiful People

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  1. Salim Metenani says:

    A Wonderful session, very interactive. A lot of useful tools have been discussed.

  2. Bini Shah says:

    Thank You, TIm and Sarah for this session ‘Tech to Inspire’.
    Had an opportunity to know wonderful tools that can make teaching and learning more effective. These tools will surely engage students in learning and can be used for research and independent learning. I likeed thing link and will surely explore it more and use it for my students and school. Will surely share these tools with my colleagues in school and inspire them to use these tools one at a time as you have inspired me today.

  3. Shyni Sudheer says:

    Tim and Sarah you were simply awesome. It was a feast of tools.

    It was inspiring and lot of learning, one of the best.

    Thank you.

  4. Anish Khaleefa says:

    First of all, thanks for Tim and Sarah. I am not a teacher by profession. Today, I got lot of motivation to use the tools to enhance the teaching and learning experience of many I know. Thanks.

  5. Clive says:

    An inspiring course. Come with an open mind and you will be taken to another level. (Sorry for the gameification reference).

  6. Duncan Murphy says:

    Wow, that was a whirlwind tour of a huge range of apps, games, sites and tools. Like a real life BBC Click programme focussing on the latest Ed Tech. Tim and Sarah really packed it all into a lively fun filled session, they are both really engaging characters and I don’t think it would be possible for anyone to walk away from one of their sessions without a head full of new ideas not just for their students but also for themselves!…Thank you!

  7. Saiqa Sayed says:

    Dear Sarah & Tim,

    An inspiring post-event workshop just attended.

    A lot learned and more to learn. 🙂

    Thank you both of you. Love u both.

    See you both sooon.

  8. Anu Monga says:

    Dear Sarah and Tim,

    It was an amazzzzzing experience to be a part of your sessions since the last two days. I feel alive and challenged and raring to have a go at all the exciting doors and windows you have opened in my learning continuum.
    My journey into the digital vistas has just begun and this excitement is all due to the interest you have generated by opening the doors to my learning. I feel inspired, enthusiastic and alive!!
    Keep up the good work!! You are great teachers ! I hope I can be half as good as you both are!
    God bless!! 🙂

  9. Latha Venkateswar says:

    Today’s session on Tech to Inspire was truly inspiring and mind-blowing. Apart from the myriad tech tools discussed and their creative uses to make teaching and learning interesting and engaging, I was impressed by the versatile actor and creative teacher in you! you skillfully blended technology to elicit from us as students, creative thinking, imaginative communication, descriptive writing using our senses and imagery, differentiated questioning, role play and measurable outcomes and more in just about an hour. we shall certainly share our learning with all our colleagues back in school, explore, experiment and improvise on the learning tech tools to inspire the future generation. A huge thank you Tim and Sarah for these wonderful insights into the creative use of technology in teaching and learning.

  10. Filipa says:

    Thank you…
    It was a very inspiring workshop. Got to know a lot…
    Even though I’m from IT I always felt very sceptical about technology used on education and today has added value/knowledge to my changing mind…

  11. Uurmi Ghosh says:

    Dear Sarah and Tim,

    I must confess and appreciate that you taken learning to a different altitude. Thinking out of the box was always a challenge. But definitely no more.

    We have definitely become explorers as you have unfolded in front of us the vast canvas of how ICT can be used to communicate.

    May The Lord bless you both in abundance with the wonderful work you both are doing.

    And yeah I am going to try my hands on the Pickpocket profession. Lemme see whether I will be half successful. Just kiddin! 🙂

    God bless and loads of love.


  12. karpag says:

    Dear Tim and Sarah,

    First let me thank you for giving us a wonderful session…

    A Chinese proverb says,

    “Teachers open the door,
    but you must enter by yourself”

    Yes I have just stepped in…I’m sure the path will lead me towards the Digital World…
    Thank you so much Sarah and Tim, you are just fabulous…I’ll add you both in my daily prayers. Tim GET WELL SOON…

    With lots of love

  13. Sudha says:

    Tim and Sarah you guys were fabulous.I thoroughly enjoyed the “Tech to inspire” workshop. It was a Great learning experience.
    All the best.

  14. Laxmi Chandran says:

    Dear Tim and Sarah,

    What a lovely pair!!! You captivated me in the first sight itself. God Bless you on your long journey you have taken in ‘opening the doors of vast digimedia’ to the 21st Century Learners.

    You have taken us over an exhilarating ride of the digital apps during the ‘Tech to Inspire” workshop. I have just realized what is beyond the mountain, as you were implying. There is indeed a lot to explore.
    Please keep sharing!!!!!!
    Sarah, you were just great with your presentation! How flawless and the fluency in your delivery is greatly appreciated….We learnt a lot about the options in making an interactive PPT and how to apply some of the apps.

    Thanks a lot,
    Laxmi Chandran

  15. Pratima Verma says:

    Dear Tim & Sarah

    What an incredible experience I had , can’t express in words . I wish it could have listed for few more days . You guys are so experienced, creative ,perfect & full of tech tools. Hats off to you both.
    I have been using many apps & tech tools in class but never knew that apps like Zookazam ever existed. I learnt so much that I can’t decide which to explore first because all of them seems to be so exciting & interesting . I will surely discuss with my colleagues & execute in my class to make my teaching more participative & interacting in class . As effective 21st century educators I feel my myself to be equipped to teach all levels of learners & have the discernment and know-how to incorporate technology into the classroom in a way that facilitates, rather than distracts from, teaching and learning. Because I strongly believe that “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday , we rob them of tomorrow.”
    You have enlighten a spark within me to be better , better & better. Thank you so much . God bless you both.

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