Clatford CE Primary School, Clatford, Hampshire ~ Day 2

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Clatford C of E Primary

Clatford C of E Primary SchoolOur second day working alongside the staff of Clatford CE Primary School,  (Goodworth Clatford, near Andover, in Hampshire) and their guests.

A morning with two classes of Y5/6 pupils and their teachers and visiting colleagues, and an afternoon with the Y2 children, exploring stunning landscapes and virtual worlds to extend vocabulary, confidences and writing.

It is our role, as teachers, to build skilled users of language and socially adaptable communicators. Now, more than ever, there is the need for a complex range of literacies in a constantly changing world full of a huge range of literacies, overt, and covert.

Writing, and, essentially, grammar, need to be taught in exciting, vibrant, contextualized ways. It was that inspiration for enhancing inventive use of language, that we explored today.

Writing is the way we communicate when we’re not there. When speaking, we can modify our emphasis and gesticulate. In writing we have to pick the right words, framed in a real context. Children need a real purpose in order to encourage engagement with writing ~ Teachers need, regardless of their route in to the profession, a real understanding of what grammar is. Not conjugating verbs, but understanding REAL structure for real needs.

A big thank you, to Jenny Rasbeary, a teacher at Clatford School, for initiating our visit, and looking after us today.

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  1. Abie Faudemer says:

    A very inspirational morning. Great to see all children engaged and excited to write! Was really impressed by the quality of writing and how their confidence developed throughout the session with contributing their ideas. Have certainly got lots of great ideas to go back to class with!

  2. Alex Dockree says:

    Such an interesting couple of days. Fantastic to see such a variety of ICT resources used as a stimulus for children’s writing. Seeing concepts spoken about during yesterdays course in action with the children today was excellent. Couple of things that stood out for me: The of the ‘sipping the drink’ technique to help encourage children to expand on their thoughts. Was an amazing tool to take the pressure off the children and ensured the teacher could really get a feel for a particular child’s thinking. The translation role involved with rephrasing questions an answers was a fantastic way to deepen understanding and encourage a variety of vocabulary. An excellent couple of days and I am looking forward to going back to my school and experimenting!

  3. Lisa Whittington says:

    What a morning! I have thoroughly enjoyed working in amongst the children and showing them what it is to be a ‘writer’. The children were captivated by the stimuli, and the ideas being shared around the table were adventurous and of a good quality. The children were confident to share ideas and the atmosphere enabled them to take risks without fear of failure.
    I look forward to trying some of the techniques with my own class!
    Thanks Tim and Sarah!

  4. Dylan Jane says:

    A really informative morning in writing was made exciting and engaging. Tim’s use of Drama within the game engaged the children (particularly the boys) to dive into their writing. The use of masculine roles subversively engaged them further (Solider, Fellow etc) which is something I will definitely carry into future practice. The reverse psychology of (a very long) “Only 45 Seconds” worked well and is definitely something I will continue to use. Some of the writing produced was rich with interesting language and literary techniques which was the result of a verbal thesaurus that Tim created through constant modelling, which was incredibly effective.

  5. Beth Wescombe says:

    So many creative ways given to inspire and encourage children’s ideas and learning. After being informed about the game Myst, it was great to see how it could be used with the children to really encourage them to produce writing which was full of depth and emotion,which they were proud of. The enthusiasm shown by the children all around me demonstrated the power of using an interactively, visual game and has inspired ideas for my own teaching practice of ways to promote writing. I am interested to explore the website and use what was shown to us during the inset day for my own teaching. Thank you for a great experience.

  6. Marion Wilcox says:

    Yesterday we were given so many fabulous ideas to get children writing using technology and lots of them using apps free from the internet. Today it has been wonderful to see some of the techniques described yesterday used with real children. I will take away the power of using talk in the class, of describing things using metaphors and similes, of modelling this through talk, of celebrating and liberating the children to say things, pointing out that ‘it didn’t stop me saying that’. I will also take away the power of using a powerful stimulus and of joining in with the writing and enjoying it too.

  7. Jenny Rasbeary says:

    The high expectations never failed to be met. My reluctant writers were indeed inspired to write and if anything finished the morning wanting more time! They were all captivated by the imaginary worlds presented to them but also with Tim. They didn’t have to put their hands up to speak? Could just shout out? Nothing was wrong but they were just encouraged to develop their ideas? The photos speak for themselves-motivated, inspired and engaged. What more could any teacher want? Thank you Tim and Sarah for a truly motivating couple of days for both teachers and pupils!

  8. Lynda Worrall says:

    Very inspiring sessions with such a lot of really good ideas to think about. Not only have I been inspired to use some of the ideas with the children but it was also good to observe a really excellent practioner working with the children. I picked up some really good tips which I shall endeavour to use in the classroom. Thank you so much Tim and Sarah, we as well as the children are still learning!

  9. Marilla Carr says:

    It was fantastic to see Tim and Sarah provide us with the opportunity to observe their ideas and techniques in action with our year 2’s. Developing their range of vocabulary through processes of talk, actions and movements and delivered in an inspiring way. Thank you both for such an inspirational afternoon, and we look forward to experimenting with so many creative ideas of how to use ICT to motivate our children to write.

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