Gosport Education Improvement Partnership INSET ~ Day 1

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Elson Junior School

TGosport Education Improvement Partnershiphe first of three days, working alongside the children, and staff, from The Gosport Education Improvement Partnership. Today, we were at Elson Junior School for lessons with Year 4 pupils in the morning and Y2 pupils from St John’s C of E Primary in the afternoon.

This training followed from the Gosport Curriculum Innovation Conference in October 2014. It is open for all Gosport schools.

Joining us today were colleagues from schools in the Gosport partnership:Elson Junior, Gomer Junior, Leesland JuniorNewtown C of E PrimaryPeel Common Junior, John’s C of E Primary, St Mary’s Catholic Primary, Alverstoke InfantBrockhurst Infant, Leesland Infant, Peel Common Infant and Rowner Infant.

We have to build emancipated, autonomous, users of language. Phonic development is really important but not as a standalone, every now and then subject. It needs to be taught consistently, and in exciting ways, a development continuum.

Reading is an essential precursor to writing and writing is an essential precursor to reading. Teachers need to plan experiences that require an ever widening range of forms for an ever increasing range of purposes and audiences… and make it real! What is fascinating, about the experiences we offer, in these sessions with children, is that they believe in the locations, and become surprisingly passionate about recording their thoughts, and feelings.

Thank you to Joy Squibb, Headteacher of St John’s C of E Primary for sharing her thoughts:

St. John’s is a place where going above and beyond is the norm for the love of our children and their futures.  We aim to excite children about life and about learning.  Our pupils lead the curriculum, helping to build exciting enquiries and discover knowledge of the world together.  We love having visitors in school, and taking children out of school to learn – we all strongly believe there are no limits to our learning.

Thank you to Debbie Lewis, for coordinating arrangements with us for these 3 days. A lot of detailed planning.

Well done, to the Elson Junior School and St John’s C of E Primary children, and staff. More tomorrow…

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