Gosport Education Improvement Partnership INSET ~ Day 2

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Brune Park Community School

Gosport Education Improvement PartnershipToday, we were joined by Y8 students from Brune Park Community School and Y6 pupils from Elson Junior School, their teachers, and others from the Gosport Education Improvement Partnership, at Brune Park Community School.

A huge thank you to Jo Duff, Assistant Headteacher Brune Park Community School, for coordinating today’s sessions so efficiently.

Reading is a stimulus and models building sophistication in children’s writing. Speaking and listening, comes alive when we expose children to new, valid, interesting and real, whether that is through ICT, trips, or other experiences. Oral rehearsal boosts quality and confidence … sometimes, making it up as we go, verbal, or written “jazz”, produces some of the most intriguing, and fascinating results. Well done all.

Great to see some open sharing of ideas. Peer revue and analysis is powerful in the “work in progress” stage, not just at the end. Intervention early, helps children move forwards far more effectively than if it is just picked apart when it is complete.

Thanks to Celia Rich, head of Elson Junior School, and our main link with the Gosport Education Improvement Partnership, for sharing these thoughts on the pathway forward for GEIP:

GEIP – It’s all about the Writing

Gosport Curriculum Innovation Group wanted to improve the writing of all learners in the Gosport area. A stubborn area of school improvement which is not improving quickly enough for us.

So; what can we do differently; what will motivate and engage out learners and staff? We invited Tim and Sarah to inspire us to fire up a passion for writing in our Gosport Learners. After an initial day conference, in which Gosport Leaders were shown so many engaging and exciting approaches…..which were readily available to us on the internet…….we set about ways to tempt our staff and children to Tim’s wondrous world of writing stimuli and ICT resource.

We have embarked on a massive collaborative project. The Gosport Education Improvement Partnership (GEIP) agreed to fund training places for each of the 30 schools involved. Staff will see Tim and Sarah model their techniques with groups of children from Years 2,4,6,7 and 8. What superb professional development, to have the luxury to observe and reflect on inspirational practice. This will be followed by a common day closure

This will be followed up at our half termly conferences when ‘Pledge Partners’ will be matched to develop a deep learning project based around on idea drawn from Tim’s bountiful box of tricks

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  1. Jonathan Pearce says:

    Things to take away or think about from today:

    * Chdn find their own challenge, level and differentiation
    * Not necessary to set out prescriptive expectations up front
    * Can still smuggle in desired objectives, smuggling them as chd initiated
    * Chdn talking without their hands up – doable
    * Free-flow excerpt reading – at times poetic
    * Chd initiated unit inspired by immersive stimuli – chdn can dictate their own journey and direction
    * This brings out good writing and excitement
    * Up-leveling talk – living thesaurus
    * Can use the stimulus slowly, only moving small amounts, letting the imaginations run, rather than excitedly zipping about it etc
    * Questioning (as ever!)

    Probably more if it wasn’t late…


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