Gosport Education Improvement Partnership INSET ~ Day 3

| January 30, 2015 | 5 Comments 

Brune Park Community School

Gosport Education Improvement PartnershipFollowing Wednesday’s, and yesterday’s, training for the Gosport Education Improvement Partnership at Elson Junior School, we are at Brune Park Community School, with 220 teachers, from secondary and primary schools in the andĀ Gosport Education Improvement Partnership.

Today, we splattered the staff, with “almost too many” digital ways of keeping the curriculum alive, and maintaining the magic. We investigated how virtual worlds, with their stunning landscapes, peaceful characters and realistic challenges, can be used across subject areas, abilities and age ranges to deliver remarkable effects. We hope that delegates left with many practical ideas to apply back in their contexts.

We also presented some accessible tools and ideas for raising the levels of creativity, writing, speaking and listening among children of all ages. We also investigated the powerful effect of using games, Web2 tools, software, handheld devices and more, with a view to how these things can impact on learning, rather than purely enjoying “the latest gadget”.

Thanks, again, to Debbie Lewis for coordinating arrangements with us for these 3 days.

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  1. Jonathan Pearce says:

    For those who want a Spicy Nodes mindmap with links to all of the sites of the nuggets shown today, here it is:


  2. Christine, Hannah & Karen says:

    Thank you for an amazing day. Very inspirational! Loads of useful resources.

  3. Christine, Hannah & Karen says:

    We going to have an elephant in our assembly on Monday!

  4. Deirdre says:

    really inspirational

  5. Ellie says:

    What a fab day!!! So many inspirational ideas, cannot wait to try a lot of them out. Thank you both so much šŸ˜

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