Bracken Hill School, Nottingham ~ Day 1

| February 2, 2015 | 9 Comments 

Bracken Hill SchoolBracken Hill School is a special state school for pupils aged from 3 to 19 in Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

The staff, and pupils, at Bracken Hill, are up for challenges, and making the most of the opportunities that technology provides. They have a new website and are blogging here: School Blogs.

Thanks you to Kath Harris for coordinating our visit. Kath attended the Computing to Inspire Conference back in July 2014 and, following this, she made contact, inviting us to spend time with her colleagues and students. Kath has introduced us to a few new things too. Thanks Kath.

BrackenhillWe explored creativity, and the impact it can have on confidence, speaking and listening, writing and beyond. With whatever age, and whatever ability, student, we do need to “reach our destination”, to meet our targets, to make changes, and progress, develop, and grow. But, there are many ways to travel. Today, we explored digital, and analog, tools, methods, and ways of working, that bring learning alive.

As part of a process, and just one tool amongst hundreds, we made a little, explorable planet based around familiar landmarks. If you fancy a go at creating a Streetview Stereographic, mini world based on your school, or house, take a look at THIS POST.

Thank you, and well done, all. We really look forward to tomorrow, and a day of more analog responses to some digital landscapes. More wonders, and wandering, in the world of words.

Thanks, too, to Mr Ron McCrossen, Head Teacher. We look forward to more, tomorrow, with the students.

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  1. Neil says:

    Great day, fast paced and full of useful tools. I will endeavour to investigate one of the links each week

  2. Alison Lakin says:

    Excellent, mindblowing, educational, brilliant, motivational. Should I put that in a wordle? Thank you Tim and Sarah for an amazing day. Wish it could have been spread out a bit more. I have so many ideas now I can’t wait to use them.

  3. Stacey robinson says:

    Amazing day!!!! Love all the resources­čśâ
    I am going home to play and learn!!!!!!!!!

  4. carla says:

    fanastic day, really motivated me to use more ICT and some amazing websites/resources! recommend anyone to get them in even the ICT beginners.

  5. Kim Tomlinson says:

    Brain on overload but fully inspired to put into practice the wonderful teaching resources I have absorbed, Kids here I come.
    Great day many thanks x

  6. Debbie Baxter says:

    Mind blowing but fantastic day

  7. Joy Summerell says:

    An inspiring creative day giving me lots to think about and ideas to play with yo get my class engaged with ICT within the whole curriculum! Can’t wait to experience it with the kids tomorrow.

  8. Emily Davies says:

    Visiting from Beech Academy today and I am so glad that I was invited. A brilliant day, lots of creative and inspiring ideas to use across all subjects/ year groups. Thank you lots!

  9. Sharon Topping says:

    WOW! who knew that that technology could be used for more than typing, Googling and You Tube! I cant wait to create magic in the classroom THANKS!

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