Bracken Hill School, Nottingham ~ Day 2

| February 3, 2015 | 1 Comment 

Following yesterday’s day with the staff from Bracken Hill School and visiting colleagues, today, we went wandering in the world of words, with three groups of intrepid explorers, up for the challenges we shared.

Bracken Hill School GreenscreeningWe waited at the top of the rollercoaster and recorded our feelings of anticipation. Deep breath and we were off, screaming our way to the bottom. … … … Got the feelings down in pithy combinations of, sometimes contrasting words.

Gathering thoughts, in groups & alone, we wrote snappy, punchy lines, to describe the sensations. After a couple of trials, the best phrases were selected.

The grand finale was when we took a final trip on the rickety roller coaster ride, accompanied by the children’s voiced phrases, screams & the rhythmic background.

Despite the (necessary) speed the effect was magical. We stepped off the ride, happy & exhilarated- having gained some confidence and thought about how extend & enrich our use of language to bring a world alive!

DoshieThank you again to Kath Harris for inviting us to spend time in her school, with her colleagues and pupils. And thank you to all the staff for their enthusiasm, patience, support and ‘up-for-it-ness’. Well done for having a go at many of the ideas already! For example, well done to Tracey Waterhouse for using Morpho to encourage a pupil in to school.

Tracey explains here: I took a photo of my dog and Morfo’d it to encourage a pupil to come to school.

It says, “Hello you need to come to school so Mrs Waterhouse can see you and Doshie can talk to you.” …… And it worked!

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  1. Kath Harris says:

    What a brilliant 2 days we have had, not only have we enjoyed many new experiences but we have added many new tools to our tool kit to promote an experiential learning journey to our students that motivates both staff and pupils. Thank you

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