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Inspire 2 Learn

AnimulesThank you to Andrew Stogdale, for inviting us to go wild in Middlesborough, at the  Inspire 2 Learn – Eston Civic & Learning Centre, for a magical day of inventiveness, with composite “animoles galore”. The day was a fast paced, full on, experience. At a remarkable speed, because of all we threw at the teams: We worked alongside 12 children from Normanby Primary and twenty five adults, from : Acklam Whin Primary, Ayresome Primary, Bankfields Primary, Brambles Primary, Dormanstown Primary, Grangetown Primary, Green Gates Primary, Handale Primary, KTS Academy, Pallister Park Academy, Redcar Academy, Saltburn Learning Campus, South Bank Park School and St Peter’s CE Primary,

….to create wondrous wildlings, mysterious intriguing oddities, using some inventive digital, and analog tools.

We brewed up our own concoctions of combination creatures, researched about them, and presented our findings using some magical, online gems. The link to the padlet of results is here.

Each group generated their own beast; found out fascinating “facts” about those elements; (and even made up their own; then presented the findings, using other resources.

“I know this is true because I made it up myself”.

Thanks to Andrew Stogdale, for invviting us back to Middlesbrough, to extend, the work we’ve done before here:

Inspire2Learn is excited to welcome back Tim and Sarah as we can still see the impact in classrooms from the last time they visited. Their brand of inspirational ideas fit in well with the ethos and style of support that we offer schools across the region on a day to day basis with innovative learning and teaching support, particularly with technology.

Wednesday was an intimate, hands-on affair. Teachers working in small groups with an expert in each – a Year 5 pupil form Normanby Primary Academy – to craft a themed project that has the focus very much on creativity, particularly to inspire writing. A huge range of devices, both analogue and digital, came into play to take advantage of the impressive of facilities that we have here at the centre. The day resembled the way that we often work in our schools, developing projects and ways of working that are centred on innovation and capturing children’s imagination. We, at I2L, rarely turn up with a shiny ‘one off’ lesson that we have delivered a million times before, practically all of our work is bespoke to school needs. Tim and Sarah have taken this approach today and crafted a new workflow, something that they tell me excites their curiosity too, to see where delegates would take off and fly with it. And they certainly did!

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  1. Shane says:

    Great day. Learned a lot! Thanks!

    The children from Normanby Primary were fantastic!

  2. Shane says:

    Great day. Thanks!

    The children from Normany Primary were great.

  3. Karen says:

    A fantastic day, amazing resources and skills to take back to school with me. Thank you!

  4. Lauren and Tracy says:

    Staggering selection of ideas to stimulate all our minds. Some great ideas to take back to school, with the practical help and added inspiration/guidance from Tim and team. Thanks to the pupils that helped us along the way!

  5. Liz says:

    Fantastic hands on learning for both teachers and children! Teachers and children being on the same level when learning was a great way to experiment and help each other. Sarah, Tim and Andrew were a great help! Children were a credit to their school.
    Thank you!

  6. David Carr says:

    What a fantastic day! Full of great resources that I will be immediately putting into use in the classroom! Was a pleasure to work with the children from Normanby, all of whose were a credit to their school!

  7. Miranda Foster says:

    We have had a great day, and have been inspired by all the vibrant and positive ways we can use apps and websites to engage children with their learning. We have got lots of ideas to use back at school, and to achieve the high standard of IT skills as demonstrated by the superb children from Normanby Primary School who were excellent today!

  8. Nicola says:

    A very inspiring day making animules, lots to take back to school. Looking forward to using some of resources back at school.

  9. H.Tulip and L.Hewitt says:

    We found this day very informative, inspiring and productive! We were introduced to many new ideas and were given time to work through these with children.We will take back and share lots of these ideas with children and colleagues.
    Thank you for a wonderful day!

  10. Carl Faulkner says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for giving my children the chance to learn, laugh and develop so many other skills. A great experience for them!

    Mr F.

  11. Tim says:

    Thanks Carl. You have a right to be very proud of your children again.
    Well done, ALL, for being up for the challenges of today
    Children and adults working as one

    That was FUN!

  12. Sarah and Damian says:

    We learnt loads about loads today. The children were wonderful, knowledgeable, bright, personable and guided Sarah and I with some of the tools whenever we became stuck! Tim and Sarah – a really enjoyable and worthwhile day out of the classroom. Thank you

  13. John Vickers says:

    A fun and eye-opening day today! The children from Normanby primary were great. Looking forward to another bombardment of ideas tomorrow!

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