Whatever It Takes Training, Leicester ~ Day 1, Caldecote Community Primary School

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Caldecote Community Primary School

Caldecote web header v3Our first, of three days this week, returning to Leicester, for sessions with those joining the Whatever It Takes crew on a tech trek. Today we were at Caldecote Community Primary School, leading two sessions, exploring the world of words, and beyond. Well done all.

Started the day with 40+ Y5 and Y6 pupils, their teachers and visiting colleagues from Mellor Primary, Thurnby Lodge PrimaryCatherine Junior School, Medway Community Primary, Highfields Primary and Northfield House Primary, then an afternoon with a further 40+ Y5 and Y6 pupils and more visitors from Merrydale Junior School, St Barnabas C of E Primary, Christ the King Catholic Primary and St John the Baptist C of E Primary.

Thank you to Paul Stapleford. Assistant Head Catherine Junior School (and previously The Phoenix Centre, Leicester City PRU.)

Tim Rylands ICT to inspire morning at Caldecote Community Primary School.

From seeing Tim last year at the ICT to inspire I have been able to go back to my setting with very challenging children and include some of the ideas linked to Myst to engage the children’s learning and allow them to thoughtfully respond to questions with confidence.

As a teacher, the experience that Tim Rylands offered last year on the course inspired me to think differently about how I delivered literacy to the children and what different approaches I could take using ICT to empower the children.

Today, using Myst 4 to inspire the children to give responses to what they can see and their ideas on what is happening in the setting, I saw the analog element behind the digital we shared last time. The children were reminded of what was expected from them both with speaking, listening and turn taking. (Standing here, above me the …)

They were all engaged at trying to create the best sentences they possibly could and continually kept looking back at the screen to gain ideas and inspiration. Tim uses the children’s writing to challenge themselves and level up their writing finish a paragraph in style…end with a question maybe?

The children tried to copy Tim and use a range of expression to make their writing sound more exciting…. The other children gave good feedback to the reader and were able to respond to how they could make it even better. When reading out their ideas to the others, Tim gave the children ownership of when they read out their ‘sparkling sentences’ and they moved from one child’s writing to the next with amazing fluency and the room was deathly silent as the children listened to their peers ideas.

Using the interactive whiteboard, (but only interacting with it from a distance) the moving images allowed the children to get lost in their writing.

The VillageThese increasingly confident writers were able to use different ways to say words such as simile or metaphor to help them identify what each of Tim’s responses were. He used different sounds to engage the children in the Myst setting. ‘The glass was screaming for a clean’ was a response by Jonathan to suggest a simile. The responses the children gave were superb.

The children discovered a wide range of sentence openers from the stimulus on the screen and confidently read out their ideas.

As Tim moved through the setting on the screen, the children watched and were able to respond and describe what was going on around them using wonderful language.

The children were encouraged to think of some open questions to ask the gardener and then he used some of the children to hot seat whilst referring to the setting on the screen. The children were really in their role as a particular character and could answer questions from their peers using wonderful answers. Tim used his ‘translatorsaurus’ to make the children’s responses and questions of a higher quality and then passed that opportunity to another children.

The children used the thinking dice within small groups and carried out several different roles, focusing on their speaking and listening skills.

Thanks to Ellen Lee, of Whatever It Takes, Katy Barnes, Business Manager at Caldecote Community Primary School, for organising our day. Back, tomorrow, for some more adventures.

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