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WikiSpacesWikispaces enables a simple place to generate a members~only website, where your users could have discussions, debate, share documents, and so much more. Designed for education user, there is also a special ‘classroom’ element with a focus on collaborative writing.

If you’re looking to provide wikis to an entire school, area, or even university, you may want to try Wikispaces Campus.

Langafel CE Primary School, Longfield, Kent

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Langafel CE Primary School

New_3PLearning_2013_HRGreat, to work alongside the folk from 3P Learning and Mathletics, at Langafel C of E Primary School.

A day of laughter, and learning, with the children of Langafel, and invited guests. Some inventive, and creative, opportunities, exploring the world of mysterious, and magical, numbers and words.

A big thank you to Muhammad Daniel of 3P Learning, for organising our visit, and to Ruth Sivarajah, Deputy Headteacher at Langafel CE Primary School, for enabling the whole day.

The morning with Y6 pupils and colleagues from Langafel C of E Primary School, Borough Green Primary, Shears Green Junior School, Elliot Park School, Joydens Wood Junior School and Ayasofia Primary.

Then an afternoon with Year 2 pupils and their teachers.

Muhammad shared the following thoughts:

Mathletics-logo-trans-150‘We’re excited to be working with Tim, Sarah and Langafel school on the 4th March. Tim’s work inspires the love of learning that is our motto: our aim is to create software that children love to use. We’ve worked with Ruth Sivarajah and Langafel on innovative maths-focused events and find the same approach at the heart of what they do on a daily basis. This day is about bringing people together to learn: students and teachers from six schools across Kent and London will explore how technology can inspire creativity, imagination and most of all – be fun! From digital to analogue, and beyond…’

In this goal driven age, we could think that education is imparting a body of knowledge, rather than a shared journey of discovery. There are so many pressures put upon educators these days that enjoyment, inspiration, creativity, and fun can be forced out of the classroom.

We need to inspire young people and fire their imaginations; enhance their creativity and confidence so they can pick ideas up and start to juggle with them; encourage resourcefulness through challenge, but also the ability to reflect, change and benefit from the experience of others; to motivate a love of learning for life.

Fascination is a tool that can be easily neglected. This digital world, when mixed with the analogue, brings such potential for communication.
Technology is not the only answer… but, it does open up some remarkable opportunities, to extend teaching and learning styles.

We are already looking forward to coming back, and doing more, soon. Watch this (s)pace.