Ynysowen Primary, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales ~ The return 2

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Ynysowen Primary

Following an INSET Day at Ynysowen Community Primary in February, and a previous visit back in 2012, we are, today, carrying out some experiments exploring the next steps in using tech to bring learning even more alive.

A big thank you to Simone Roden head teacher of Ynysowen, for inviting us back and exploring with us.

Greenscreening in the landscapeToday, we changed gear, notched up a few paces and plummeted towards certain… … …brilliance, with two groups of children.

With the first group, whilst wandering wandering through one of the landscapes in Myst 3 Exile, we stumbled upon a mysterious contraption. Behind a creaking wooden door, we found a lever that helped us rise high above the shining golden seas around us.

Eventually, after a bit of investigation, we discovered that if we pressed an intriguing blue button, we could enter the icy globe created, and take a remarkable tumble down this metal and wooden rollercoaster to …who knew where?!

Greenscreening on roller coasterReally good fun with some children coming up with short poetic phrases to express the feelings of excitement, fear and elation before, during and after a “virtual” rollercoaster ride and recorded their experience using using Do Ink Greenscreening.

We had a go at listing some descriptive words collected from their memories of rollercoaster rides.

Next, we took them on a ride from Myst III:Exile. Personification, poetry, punchy, personal and powerful! The difference was quite remarkable. Now, their ideas really caught the sensations of such an adrenaline rush.

Greenscreening on pathWe then recorded, at pace, into GarageBand alongside the film.

The ride is a place we often use, with children and adults, to stimulate musical sound effects or soundtracks. It had a superb effect on creative, descriptive thought too.

We recorded our thoughts, and emotions, in short, pithy, phrases ~ plummeting in poetry …and beyond.

With the second group of younger children, we went on a virtual spiral plant ride, explored the path towards it and investigated a beautiful bird and its chick, again using Do Ink Greenscreening to ‘actually’ be there.

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