Oxfordshire Headteachers’ Conference 2015

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Oxfordshire Headteachers Conference

Onwards. Onwards. Onwards we sped, to Stratford Upon Avon, for the Oxfordshire Headteachers Conference 2015.

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“It is today that we create the world of the future”. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Our world is experiencing change at an exponential rate. For our students to thrive in a world that cannot be predicted, education needs to keep pace. What skills and experiences do we need to be equipping them with in order for them to successfully meet the demands of the future?

We had great fun opening, and closing, the event.

As well as the keynote speakers, the conference had a wide range of practical workshops to choose from. A “Matters of the Moment” feature gave an opportunity to discuss and share ideas about current themes that might be being thought about in isolation in individual schools.

The title of this conference was “Visions of Learning”.

The aim was for delegates to leave feeling refreshed and inspired to go back to school remembering what a great job we all do, with eyes open to alternative ways of preparing our students for the future. To quote Marcel Proust; “The challenge of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes”.

Presentations over the two days came from Hardeep Singh Kohli, Camila Batmanghelidjh, Tait Coles, Christopher Shaw, Lizzy Lewis, Martin Shaw, Marcus Pickover and Michael Pearse, David Blunkett, and Richard Gerver

Our workshop, took folks on a series of mystical voyages, wandering in the world of words. Through the day, we splattered people with a vast amount of powerful, and useful, tech, but entreated them to take one thing, or one at a time, introducing them slowly, and methodically, to their colleagues, over weeks perhaps, as their own … to confirm that they really are a super hero.

Camila BatmanghelidjhCamila Batmanghelidjh, a leader in the world of supporting young people with special needs, followed our opening keynote with a session entitled Vacuum cleaning polluted minds. She looked at how imagination plays an important part not only in what children produce but also in how schools promote learning. Camila explored the theories of mind which prohibit the participation of vulnerable children in education and those which enhance it. She gave delegates a framework they can use to manage the challenges generated by children who have unique needs.

Tait ColesTait Coles, Vice Principal Of Learning and Innovation at Dixons City Academy in Bradford, has alternative approaches to enthusing pupils towards higher attainment. Tait shared thoughts on “the inequality of education, and how schools are the sorting mechanism for our society, and the majority of students who benefit least from this sorting process are those who come from different backgrounds and cultures than those who already have power. How, as leaders, can we develop a culture of true emancipatory education for our schools”

A big thank you to Philip Marples, the conference manager, and Alison Young, Marketing and Communications Manager at Cranford House School, for organising our involvement in this superb event, and to Lynn Knapp, the Conference Chair.

David Blunkett, previously Minister for Education in the Blair Government will be speaking on Friday morning, followed by Richard Gerver. A fascinating collection of different perspectives on Visions of Learning.

And the elephant in the room!

The elephant in the room ZooKazam

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  1. Karen says:

    Thank you for a huge amount of practical, tried and tested ideas. They will definitely be making an appearance in my classroom. I just need to decide where to start!

  2. Sue Vermes says:

    We’ve been thinking how to make use of ICT in magical, transformative ways, and you have shown us how!

  3. Tim says:

    Nice 1 Sue. Go for it!

  4. Linda Hull says:

    Excellent ideas – have been exploring apps to decide which ones to drip-feed first. Thank you.

  5. Tim Coulson says:

    Brilliant day. Many thanks

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