Tools to Tell a Tale, Atlantic Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall

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One of our truly special days alongside Pie Corbett and David Mitchell again, now down in sunniest Cornwall. Tools to Tell a Tales Conwall

Still TTTaT…an exploration of story telling, on a global scale. Folks were part of an evolving story, alongside children from around the world, investigating a wondrous collection of digital, and analog, gems for bringing learning alive, with Pie Corbett and David Mitchell.

Another exciting, and rare, opportunity… to get the three bald blokes, and Sarah, back together. Baldylocks and the three hairs.

Today, we wended our way down to deepest Cornwall, and The Atlantic Hotel, Newquay, to spend some time wandering in the world of words, with a group of intrepid explorers. And, what wild and woolly fun we had!

Pie, like the others in our trio, had a voyage getting here and shared his thoughts as he arrived:

TTTAT-Cornwall-1-11Three trains, two taxis and six hours later, I have arrived. Today, we are in Newquay in view of the hotel where Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ was filmed. From the back of the conference room, we can see the sea rolling in across the rocks.

A passion for education, the creativity of teachers and the knowledge that children are remarkable has brought us together to blend the possibilities of technology, literacy and thought.

TTTAT-Cornwall-1-09Today is special for us because we spend so much time alone, like little ships in the night we pass each other by on motorways, trains and planes. But today, Tim, David and I have come together for the joy of working with Cornish teachers.

There will be laughter, inspiration, silliness, working with new ideas and strategies and reminding ourselves of what works.

TTTAT-Cornwall-1-01Today, we will start a story and it will spread around the world. By 10.30, a tale will have begun, invented by teachers at the conference, and be made available to children around the world so that they can add another scene or two. Technology and story will bring us together from Manchester to Melbourne, in creative endeavor.

Everyone loves a story. Every culture has story at its heart.

TTTAT-Cornwall-1-06Without story at the heart of education, it is dry as dust. We are lucky to be able to come together in this way. For us, it is a privilege to work and learn together. Like ships in the night, we’ve come to a safe harbor. The story is waiting, about to come into being – soon we will let the story begin its business of creating a new world that will bring us all a little bit closer together.

Pie Corbett.

kaye-2We took our trip in text and tech alongside Kaye Haywood, of Loud learning, Literacy Consultant Trainer & Talk for Writing Primary Adviser… and a wonderful gathering of folk, joining us for our experiments, from across the county, and beyond. We were joined by groups of children from across the globe, as we voyaged across wondrous terrains,  through the power of inventive technologies.

Kaye has worked closely with Pie over many years on a number of projects, including the original Primary National Strategy ‘Talk for Writing’ pilot, the Department for Education’s ‘Teachers and Teaching Assistants as Writers’ and ‘Transforming Writing’ with the National Literacy Trust.

See the blog posts here, posted by the children in response to the story started during Pie’s guded writing sessions today. And, the links to all the resources here and the padlet here.

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